Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tot School Week 12

We had a great week, getting back into the swing of things! Laffy Taffy was totally into it, and completely "hungry" to learn and to be fussed over!

This first activity is his shape sorter that I've mentioned before. Normally, I just let him him play with it the way he wants too, but this time I told him to match the colored shapes to the colored pegs. EASY! He did great! He knows all his colors, which really surprises me because his older sister (almost 5) was HARD to teach colors too, just like she's hard to teach numbers too!
For this Wedgit activity, I built a simple model and tried to get him to copy it. He could do it with much prompting. I am going to keep trying this, because I think it's good practice in problem solving and spatial reasoning.

He really liked these shape puzzles, all but those pesky triangles. They were very easy for him though.
This shape puzzle was a little more challenging, but he still did great at it. (This puzzle is a bit too big to use on the trays.) And now that I think about it, I pulled out a bunch of new (to him) puzzles for him to try. Puzzles are one of his favorite things to do right now!
Laffy got these Crayola Stamps for Christmas. He had so much fun with these. I also bought him the baby markers, but I hate them...they leak all over! DON'T BUY THEM!
One day we did playdough. Look at that face, he was having SO MUCH fun! I made him lots of "hot dogs" to cut up, with the plastic knife and the plastic scissors.

More shape puzzles...yup, he's winking at me! Think he's used to getting his picture taken? :o)
The second half of our week was consumed with Potty-Training. To read about my potty-training technique click here. Here's the stats:
Day 1-lots of pee on the potty, 1 completely soaked pants, 1 poop in the potty, 1 poop in his pants.
Day 2-lots of pee in the potty, 1 partially wet pants, no poop.
Day 3-lots of pee in the potty, started telling me he has to pee, 1 partially wet pants that he "told" me about, 1 poop in his pants.
The rest is to be determined! I bought some Happy Heiny's Pocket Diapers today to use for night-time. He doesn't stay dry at night, but we have some inherited bed-wetting issues so staying dry at night is not a potty-training readiness indicator to me. He's so eager and so proud of himself. Tonight I put him at the table for dinner, instead of his high chair, to reaffirm to him that he is a "big boy."
I wanted to bring in some snow from outside to put into a sensory bucket for him to play with, but our snow is frozen hard as a rock, it's been so Arctic here! So I'll have to wait for some fresh snow for that plan.
Conversation of the week:
Laffy-Oh! Excoos me!
Mom-Why? What did you do?
Laffy-Burp in there...(as he's patting his butt)
Mrs. Taffy
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  1. I love the conversation thing you posted at the end. HE HE HE! Laffy is such an genius. Just like his mom and dad. You are training him very well.

  2. Wow! What a great week. Laffy is so smart. And we love that last little conversation. Priceless!!

  3. cute! I love the pic of him blinking his eye - so sweet! Nice job! :)

  4. I love the winking eye photo - so adorable! I need to give Alyssa scissors to practice her cutting skills more often. I tend to forget about them for some reason. Those Wedgits look like fun too! I wonder if A would like them????

  5. I love that burp comment - it's too cute!

    I've been considering wedgits - good to know they're "do-able" at this age!

  6. Looking forward to reading your potty training post. I plan to train my son this summer and I'll take all the suggestions I can get!

  7. What a great week! I love all of the puzzles! I think we are going to work on potty training this week! yikes!

  8. Laffy is doing so well on the potty training! How many months is he? We plan to start soon. Looks like a wonderful week. I hope you get some snow soon.

  9. Our Country Road-Good Morning! My Laffy is 25 months, he'll be 26 months on the 17th. Yesterday he stayed dry all day! I was so happy and just minutes ago was thanking the Lord for that! He still hasn't done another "you know what" in the toilet, but he'll get it!

  10. Oh the wink is priceless. My MIL's camera does an anti red eye thing before the flash and when they visited, Xander learned to anticipate it and started closing his eyes in advance of the cameras flash. Too many photos Grandma! I love all the great puzzles you have, can't wait until Xander is ready for puzzles.


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