Friday, February 12, 2010

Bubble Gum School-Week 17

Our week started out with our Bubble Gum turning 5!! What a delightful birthday girl she was! She thrived with all the attention and spent the whole day with this look on her face.I've had this book forever! I think I bought it from Timberdoodle or my Mom gave it to me, either way I had idea what kind of a treasure I had been storing on my shelf! Since I've been going through ALL our books, for reasons of selling and inventory, I decided to read through this to see if it was something I could use for Bubble Gum and Blue-Raspberry this next school year. I got so excited reading through it, I decided to use it right away AND next year! So we are starting with a real basic intro to geography right now and touching briefly on each continent. I have these wonderful GoePuzzles that we did after they colored the continent and after I read them a book about about the Continent. Blue-Rapsberry is really, really interested in Geography!Almost done with Africa. See Laffy in the back ground, fixing Blue-Raspberry's hair? :o)
Here's her coloring and cutting of Africa that she pasted to the folder in her geography notebook. When we get into a more indepth study of Africa, we'll put her projects and handwriting behind this page.
This is a great book that I found at the library, probably recommended in the Galloping the Globe book. The little girl travels all over the world in search for the ingredients for an apple pie.
Handwriting practice.
Here she is working on her cover page for her geopgraphy binder. A picture of each continent and a place to write the name of the continent, a reproducible from the book.
And a little Explode the Code. We didn't do much math this week, because the geography was so exciting and took most of our time together.
And here's one more book that we've enjoyed. Recognize Mr. Whisker's from Cranberry Thanksgiving? Same delightful setting and a recipe on back! :o)

During Quiet-Time this week, Bubble Gum has been listening the Bible in Living Sound. We got this years ago at the State Fair and have never regretted it. It's old-timey sounding, but it's accurate and holds their attention. We have the whole set of 10 and each one of our Taffy's has enjoyed it! The other CD set there is Paws and Tales put out by Insight for Living. These are another favorite at our house and perfect for quiet time or long car rides!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. I have also recently discovered GtG too! I LOVE it!! I'm trying to wait until next school year before starting it though. I'm teaching a geography co-op class this spring. All of my time is being spent right now with planning it. GtG isn't a good fit for the co-op class, but all of the materials I do use for that class will work well with GtG. I'm making extra student books from my class for my boys to use with GtG later on.

    I love the notebooking idea of putting a colored and cut picture of each country on a tab folder. I'll have to put something like that together for my boys.

  2. I keep thinking we need to add more things like GTG but I just haven't got there yet. I loved seeing all your school stuff this week.

  3. Happy 5th Birthday! I love your geography puzzles. We are having fun with our geography as well.

    I love everything you are doing, and it looks like you all had fun.

    You should link up to our geography/history carnival.

  4. Your DD looks so pleased in her picture. My DD is just a bit younger then yours, I guess that means we need to think about geography in the fall. Thanks for the GTG recommendation, I will have to look into it.

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter. We love geography travels here, and we just got the same puzzle for Asia. I hope that my daughter will enjoy it.


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