Friday, February 19, 2010

Bubble Gum School week 18

The week started out with Valentine's Day of course. Here's a little bit of the blessing she got.

Tuesday we went to the Children's Museum.

Art time at the museum. Love this because I get to leave the mess there! :o)

Back at home, the play-doh found it's way out again! She loves to make hair and give haircuts.

Handwriting. She's working on a scripture about God creating the foundations of the earth.

This is an awful map of the continent of Europe...I found a better program to use to make the continents for them to color, the one she is working on is from a geography coloring book and I couldn't find the boundary between Russia and Europe...anyway, she did enjoyed coloring it while I read to her about Europe from a book I got at the library. By the way, now I'm using Uncle Josh's Blackline maps to make better maps for them--they are PERFECT!

Europe Puzzle.

Do you remember this toy from childhood? I must have played with this in school or daycare or somewhere! I found this number matching egg game at a thrift store for .99! It is perfect for her. She was a little confused at first, which is why we used the two trays to sort the "innies" and the "outies." Then I had her start at one and work her way to twelve. Every time she stopped going in order, she got confused.

Capital Letter Puzzle.

Doesn't she look proud of herself?

Other great things that happened this week:

~We had friends over from out of town so she got lots of time to play with extra children, she even went sledding.

~The weather has been so mild that she has been able to play outside EVERYDAY this week!

~She's been building amazing things with our duplo legos.

It's been a great week and I can't wait to see what we do next week!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What book are you using in the bottom picture? It looks great!! :)

    And I love the children's museum too for the art supplies {and messs} alone. :)


  2. Hi Jolanthe!

    The book on the bottom is called Equilibrio. I bought it here:

    It's great! One of the things I like about it is that I can use it for ALL my children, it's gets hard!

  3. We love the Chidren's Museum!

    I am interested in that book at the bottom as well. Would you do a post about it?

  4. The Children's Museum looks like fun! It's always neat to see pictures of other museums. We go to ours quite a bit. There's not much else to do out of the house when it's so cold!

  5. As someone who comes from the former Soviet Union, I had to chuckle at the border between Russia and Europe. I hope that that GeoPuzzle helped your daughter understand that part of Russia is in fact in Europe. I am very tempted by Equilibrio - maybe when we are a bit older :)

  6. Raising a Happy Child~I'm so embarrassed because honestly I couldn't figure out the border! Is it true that part of Russia is in Europe and part is in Asia? That's what it seemed like...
    Glad I gave you a giggle! :o)

    Always learning,
    Mrs. Taffy

  7. Okay! I posted about Equilibrio, the post right above this one! Enjoy and tell me what you think!


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