Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bubble Gum Taffy Turns 5!!

Well, it's party time at our house once again! Can you believe it? All we do is party I think! NO...we just have a cluster of birthday's to celebrate, which I suppose happens in most families! Bubble Gum has been such an excited girl these past few days. Since her brother's birthday was just two days before, she was totally ready for her day. I surprised her with something new to wear on her birthday. You should have heard her going on and on about this bunny shirt. I bought it used, but KNEW she would adore it! She "let" herself open one present after breakfast, we were trying to convince her to open two, but she wouldn't have anything to do with it, not until AFTER cake! :o) So here she is, giving you a curtsy with her new (from a garage sale) princess hat that Strawberry gave her. I was up at 5:30 making cake. I wanted to get it done before everyone got up so they were cool and ready to be frosted before lunch.
She told me this morning that she's not "officially 5 until AFTER she blows out the candles!"
My "official" 5 year old, loving her cake! The "official" 2 year old loving his cake too!
Let the gift opening begin. Beautiful glasses from Grandma Mindy. Bubble Gum MADE me try them on so I could see "pink!"
A Loving Family beach house from Grandma Judy (bought it at Once Upon a Child for $5.50).
A new Clifford Movie from Grandma Judy too!
She also got a Loving Family dance studio that I found at Once Upon a Child for $4.50 and a teaching clock to help her learn how to tell time. Blue-Raspberry gave her a doll, which Bubble Gum thinks "looks like a boy" but "I still like it!" She so funny and SO opinionated!
Right now she's in quiet time, playing with her little doll houses. So happy to finally be 5 and so happy to have new toys! Birthdays are a wonderful thing aren't they? They don't have to be expensive, don't have to be fancy, don't have to include a dozens of friends and fancy food. They just need to be full of joy and love and thankfulness! Those things are free and contagious!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Happy Birthday to our favorite 5 year old!

    We love you dearly!

  2. Cutest cake and cupcakes ever! (Almost as cute as the birthday girl). Happy Birthday from Auntie Claudia.

  3. A wonderful looking cake and a beautiful birthday girl!

  4. Hello my friend! Happy birthday to your beautiful birthday girl! Lovely cupcakes and cake.


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