Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chocolate Taffy Turns 14!!

Today is my wonderful Chocolate Taffy's 14th birthday. He really likes his birthday. He dreams and plans and agonizes over this day. He's been discussing for months what he wanted to do on his birthday. He's saved money from Christmas to be able to do pretty much whatever he wanted, but the rest of his family is somewhat, uh, cash poor, and he didn't want to celebrate alone! So through the discussing and planning things led to water parks and water slides and in the past it would have been very possible for us to stay in a hotel and enjoy a water park...ha ha, not now. But my wonderful husband found something just as fun and it was totally FREE!! Our local YMCA is giving away free passes. The passes include three visits in a 2 week period. And wow do they have a fun swimming area! There were two huge water slides for the big kids and a water slide/jungle gym for the middle kids and two little slides for the baby kids, including water shooting up and falling down all over the place. I didn't bring my camera in there, so I don't have a picture, but we sure all had fun! The water stuff turned on at 1, so we had our party after lunch.

You can see in that first picture I "splurged" and bought ($6.99 at Marshall's) a new tradition. I can imagine using that birthday plate for my grandchildren. All the kids were oohhing and ahhing over it! In fact, Chocolate ate his lunch on it, then washed it himself so he could use it for his cake! Speaking of cake, I don't normally buy a cake, but he really, really wanted to eat one of those nasty butter cream balloons--prove to everyone he could! CRAZY! But Funny!
Mr. Taffy could barely finish his piece and he didn't even have a frosting balloon!
Laffy liked his though! Well, I didn't actually give him a balloon either! No way!
Presents! Oh Glorious Presents! This is an awesome sky-scraper book that he got from one of his Grandma's. The book comes with a kit to build the Empire State Building! Awesome!
A Survival Book from Mom and Dad. (See Strawberry in the background...I don't know if she ever did eat her balloon!)
What is it? What can it be?
Why a new bathrobe of course, thanks to an amazing clearance sale at Target ($5.00).
He also received quite a bit of money in the mail from loving grandparents. He's had a great birthday and he deserves it because he is a great son! We are so proud of him and so thankful for him!
Happy Birthday Chocolate Taffy!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh Birthdays at your house are so special! Thanks for a peek!

    Happy Birthday Chcolate Taffy! Love you more than all the icing balloons, roses, and other amazing blobs of sugar in all the bakeries in the world! Grandma

  2. It looks like he had a wonderful birthday!

  3. Your blog has made me infinitely happy! Just seeing the smiles on your children's faces radiate love!


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