Thursday, February 11, 2010

Help, Lord! E-Book {Review}

I recently read through this e-book: Help Lord! I’m Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling my High Schooler! ($12.45)

From the title of the book I thought it was going to be about the specifics of homeschooling a high schooler. You know: State guidelines, curriculum, record keeping, graduation requirements and college applications. While there was a tiny little bit of that in there, the main purpose of the book is to encourage mom’s who are planning to continue homeschooling their teens, through high school. This book is jam-packed with testimonies of successful homeschool families who have graduated their children from high school at home. Each family’s story is different, yet also the same. Different, in that, each family’s situation and reason for homeschooling is different, each child is different and the path their life took is different. The same, in that, each family could testify to the Faithfulness of God during their homeschool journey and each family had great success in homeschooling their high schooler-without regret!

My favorite writer in the book, Mary Tanksley, has successfully graduated 7 of her 8 children, at the time of the writing she still had one at home. I loved how she used scripture throughout her writing and her enthusiasm and love for the Lord and her children comes right through the pages in a way that really blessed me!

While I did feel like this book was encouraging, I find myself slightly discouraged, and this probably has more to do with our lifestyle and financial situation at the moment, but it seems that every family had access to music lessons. This is something we’ve never been able to afford and we’ve never lived any where long enough to find a way to get them through some other kind of means. Knowing that our children’s gifts will make room for them (as taught in Proverbs), I will have to leave this desire in the Lord’s hands.

If you are feeling shaky in your ability to homeschool your high schooler or you’re concerned about college and careers, I know you would like this book. It is sure to encourage you and when you finish reading it you will be convinced, that with God’s help, you can successfully and with great joy homeschool your high schooler!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Regarding the music lessons, the Hovland Conservatory (locations in Ham Lake, Anoka, Arden Hills, Coon Rapids, Eden Prairie, and a couple more) offers a "Budding Musician Scholarship", for 8 weeks of free lessons on either violin or piano. On the website they say it is available to all children in kindergaren with no previous private lesson experience. If you talk to them, they may even open that to older children. After the 8weeks, you are NOT under obligation to continue lessons (and pay). Their website is:


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