Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Molly's Money-Saving Digest {Review}

I started following a new blog a while back called Econobusters. I really like this blog and it has inspired me to keep my mind on my goals of homemaking, organizing and being frugal and steadfast in my attempt to honor the Lord with my time. All that said, I recently got the opportunity to read one of her E-Books: Molly's Money Saving Digests. ($4.95)

Let me just name a few things off the top that I liked about the E-Book:

1) loved the friendly tone

2)loved the large font (I have a little trouble reading on the computer and the large font made it SO much better)

3)packed full of good ideas
A good portion of the book focused on getting your house organized, especially in the areas of clothing and finances. We don't have any finances to speak of, so I couldn't really use any of that, but I will save it for the day we do have some money coming in again! (Hurry Lord!) And those of you who know me well, know I clean out closets and organize FOR FUN! So I didn't exactly learn anything new there, BUT; for those of you who need some help in this area, she does an AWESOME job of breaking it down step by step, complete with forms for keeping track of things! You'll love that!

My most favorite part of the book was the section by guest writer Martha Greene. Oh how I love Martha; she owns Marmee Dear and is a MOMY. I have one of her patterns and her fabulous cookbook "The Hunter's Wife." Reading her instructions on pie making and seeing her pictures (I'm such a visual learner) was really just such a blessing. And if the apples that I ordered from Azure had actually came I would be whipping out pies like nobodies tomorrow! And as soon as I get something worth turning into a pie, I am going to make a big patch of her pie crusts!

Mrs. Taffy
P.S. Since I originally posted this review, I have since made the pie crust...only I used it for a Venison Pot Pie. It was fabulous! The crust went together so nicely. I brushed it with whipping cream (raw) to get that nice golden color. I'll use this pie crust recipe many many more times I'm sure.

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  1. Loved it! I don't think they'll be able to resist you!


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