Friday, February 5, 2010

Preschool Week 14 & 15

Some of these pictures are from last week, some from this week. Either way, it's what we've up to at the Taffy Academy! Probably no one but me and my Mom would consider this "school" but I think playing with Legos is so important and I'm always encouraging it. Bubble Gum hasn't really shown an interest in legos, but this morning she did. They played together for over an hour!
A little more "schoolish" looking-I make up these handwriting sheets for her with the Start Write program I bought YEARS ago. I think I bought it for Banana Taffy, so glad it still works! I'm teaching her italic handwriting, I just like the look of it.
This is another Lauri learning game we have. The name of it escapes me at the moment, but the gist of it is using the shapes, mainly triangles, to make other shapes. We've been working through this for a while now.
We had a lot of fun with the Bear Family Math I bought recently at a used-curriculum sale. Here I'm having her roll the big dice and find the appropriate number of bears per dice, then she added them together. She really liked this, but was really slow because she had very specific opinions about which bear she wanted to count: Momma Bear, Papa Bear or Baby Bear! :o)
This is an opposite puzzle. This used to be hard for her, but she breezed through them this time.
This is actually a picture from Blue-Raspberry's Room. He's graduated to listening to Your Story Hour. So while the two of them were playing Legos, they were also learning about Abraham Lincoln!
I just started reading the Box Car Children to them. This is our second copy of this book, my older three wore the first book out they read it so much! Let me just tell you, they are SO IN TO this book! We've had lots of talks about living in a box car and brown bread and milk!
This is the book I picked out specifically for Bubble Gum. We've been reading one story a night. I've never read through all the Madeline books before. They are kind of weird aren't they? I think you have to read them with an accent to get the rhyming right, Blue-Raspberry did not appreciate my accent! lol
This is a little graphing activity I made for her. I gave her random number of pegs to sort, and then she marked them on the sheet. We talked about more and less and equal. She liked this a lot!
This is the first time I've let her try this thinking skills game. I only let her do one exercise, but she did great! No problem at all! We'll see how she does next time as they get harder and harder.
And since we've been pretty cooped up this week I set up a few games like this for them to burn off a little extra energy. And don't forget the beloved play-doh or underestimate it's ability to entertain and teach!
Next week Bubble Gum will be turning 5. We are about to have a birthday explosion here with three birthday in a three week period! I'll continue doing preschool with her until the fall when I'll call her a "kindergartner."
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Mrs. Taffy


  1. That was very fun! I can't believe how long Bubble Gum's hair is getting! Sometimes I don't recognize her in her photos! Looking back, I would have allowed MORE legos and play-doh and less of other kinds of school-work. But recently my college kid told me how much he appreciated all the Shakespeare we covered - its turned him into something of an expert! (for us, that was kind of like legos and play-doh though!).

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    We love our tall stacker here, though it is not used as much these days it is still one of Selena's favorites.

  3. We picked up that same Madeline book at a used bookstore for my daughter. She really likes Madeline. I do agree that the books are a little strange, and I can't ever seem to get the rhyming to fit. We found a Madeline doll at Toys R' Us and some Madeline movies for $5. It has really sparked her interest in learning about France!

  4. ABSOULUTELY! I love watching them create and use their minds...there is so much involved in legos...we love legos...not so fond of!

    You are doing such a wonderful thing for Bubble-Gum...she is having fun at school and learning that school is fun and exciting ...Hugs to Bubble-Gum...miss her smile and hugs...they are so encouraging!

    Thinking I should get some more of this kind of stuff for Mr. Night and Little Man...

  5. We we and Bon Jour...teee-heee! I think you are so right about Madeline! I bought it with an audio tape - really like this!

  6. LOVE the Legos! Get's those creative juices flowin! I'm so glad Bubble Gum is having so much fun learning. Good job mom!! And I really like the new pages at the top of your blog too. Great idea!

  7. That was an awesome week. I loved everything that you did.

    Happy Birthday for your little girl next week.

  8. The Boxcar Children book brings back memories! I loved those books and had over 50 of them at one time. When I was in middle school, I gave most of them to a friend who had to give away most of her stuff when she moved (so they could fit things in the truck, but I gave them to her after the move). I still have a few though!
    We're doing audio books and memory verse cds with Shannan. She seems to really like them when she's playing--including a Chronicles of Narnia set that H1 and I were listening to when we drove from VA to OH.

  9. Thanks for so many good reviews. I am interested in finding Equilibrio now. We absolutely love Legos here :)


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