Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tot School Week 15/16

I didn't post TOT School last week, so this post is especially long, it's got two weeks worth of pictures in it! In NO particular order...
We went on a "field trip" to Southern MN last week. It was SO COLD! But the sunshine was glorious and we enjoyed being out in the freezing cold fresh air! And I'd just like to add that he didn't have one accident the whole drive! We were in the car for 6 hours! I put a pull-up on him in case he fell asleep, but he didn't pee once! Way to go Laffy Taffy!
Another TOT-MOM did a form of this activity with her tot, so I thought I would try it too. Wow, did Laffy Taffy love it! He's basically sorting the puffy balls by color, with a spoon! His "front and back" file folder game.
Wonderful play-doh!
Stacking blocks. He was so funny with these blocks. The colored ones make sounds when shaken, each sound slightly different. He would not play with the quiet solid blocks! They did NOT meet his expectation! lol
He kept shaking this square block to see if it would rattle. Nope!
I let him play with these big dice. They were just fun to roll on the tray.
Introducing the bears from Bear Family Math. This was just a simple matching exercise for him. Puzzles, as always.If you were to ask Laffy Taffy, he would probably say this was the best part of TOT School. Playing in the snow!
He loved playing with the ice cream scoop and ice cream pale. He kept talking about making ice cream!
We stopped when he started carrying the ice cream pail, full of snow, around the kitchen. I don't think so!

And last but not least, a little Barney Time.

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Mrs. Taffy


  1. You have to send me a schedule of how you incorporate tot school with the other teaching you do. Maybe you have posted this but I don't remember where.

    I need to start collecting some of those acitivities you use. This is the problem I have currently at home. I don't have much for the little ones and feel like they are getting into everything. You can sit them in front of the TV or play outside for so long. You know! :)

    Thanks again for posting all you creativity!! You are a blessing in my life!! xoxoxo


  2. Hi Chris!

    I usually do school with my little ones before and while the older ones are doing their work. It does't take long...but it makes them so happy! I've just been collecting cool learning toys through the years, I always put one or two things in my homeschool proposal, so we can budget for it. And when the children get money for birthday's or Christmas, I usually try to find a few fun things then too. I made a new little header "page" at the top of my blog that gives a run down of our routine. It's called "A Day on the Taffy Pull."

    I just have to have really stirred up some intersting conversations on your blog! lol People are really passionate about what they believe aren't they? It's so difficult to hear tone and see body language when reading other peoples blogs and I think people often read things through their own filters and "hear and see" it based on their experiences, so it makes the post come across meaning something entirely different than what it's intended to mean! (that was a long sentence! lol) We've just experienced the same thing on my husband's blog about Bible Translations of all things. In context...we must keep things in context. Whether reading the Word, or a blog or a book, otherwise we make incorrect conclusions based on a little bit of information instead of the whole truth! I'm proud of your regardless! Good job standing up for truth with a loving and compassionate attitude and tone!

    xoxoxox back at you! :o)


  3. The snow in the sink - and ice cream scoop! Brilliant! I bet the big kids wanted to do that too!

  4. Isnt snow in the sink the best? I love your HS proposal idea.


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