Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cheerful Report

Just in case my last post was a little too gloomy for you, I'll make another one that is "good news." I just got back from the dentist. Ahh...that was nice. Know why? Because of the dentist. About 11 years ago I went to this dentist, and with his kind bed side manner and gentle hands, he actually cured me of all dental-fears. Then we moved to WA...I met another dentist, went in there thinking, No. Big. Deal. Wrong! Now I find myself all freaked out again. Well, would you believe that first dentist I mentioned is still practicing? And when I met with him today, it was like: Ahhhh....I remember you! We talked over what our options are and he gave me a good report. Not that my teeth are good, but what we can do about it isn't as bad as the first prognosis. It's still going to be expensive, but I think it's going to be okay. I have an appointment for the 13 of April. By the end of the appointment I should be feeling much better, as in all infectious material will be gone and we'll be able to plan and prepare for the next step. I'm just so thankful. A bad situation has been made better by kindness and compassion. And, he did say we should be able to get our money back from the awful root canal/cap that I received in WA. He told us how to proceed to make that happen. And while I don't like confrontation...see previous will be worth it in the end.

Some other good things about today:
~Found Monk Season 7 at the Library-I can relate to Monk on soooo many levels! :o)
~All the laundry is done for the day.
~Our seeds have started sprouting.
~My tulips are poking up out of the ground.
~Laffy Taffy has given me a million hugs and kisses today.
~Mr. Taffy took care of dinner for me tonight--isn't he sweet?
~Glad I can stop thinking about my teeth for a couple weeks!

I still have to deal with the other "issue" I mentioned in the previous post, but I think writing it down made me feel better. I'm not nearly so nervous now. The outcome could very well still be the same, but that's okay.

Mrs. Taffy


  1. There are good dentists and bad ones as well. I am always amazed over some of the shotty work dentists will do just to rake in more money. Glad you got to see the dentist you like and will get things taken care of.

  2. Lois is a huge Monk fan:-) Made me smile as I fondly remember her relating so much of her life to him and laughing so hard when she watches it. Hugs xoxo

  3. OH so happy your getting it fixed! Will be nice to have it over with won't it!
    I hate the dentist too,,,just something about them sticking their fingers near my mouth and talking like I can talk back....wait,, maybe that's what I hate, I can't talk!HA!

    Hope you get your money back from the WA dentist!

  4. That is good! Yout blog posts are not gloomy. Have a blessed day!


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