Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My sweet Strawberry Taffy is all about Ireland these days. I can't remember when the interest began, but a natural progression in this interest is St. Patrick's Day. She's studied and read and knows the real story behind the holiday. And to bless her family she wanted to make us an Irish dinner. She planned the menu, made the grocery list and did the work. Well, I did help her quite a bit, but she did most of it!

Here she is making the dessert, we made this first because it had to set up in the fridge for a few hours. Grasshopper pie! YUM!

Cloverleaf rolls.
These turned out just perfect!
Shamrock Stew. We used venison instead of lamb.
See the dumplings?
Some pretty green decorations thanks to a garage sale find from last summer!
She did such a wonderful job! She read us an Irish Blessing before dinner and read her St. Patrick's day report afterward. The Grasshopper pie was by far everyone's favorite. The stew was a little bland...But the rolls made up for it!
Thanks Strawberry for an unforgettable day!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a beautiful evening! We always try to celebrate St. Patricks day too - with something green and Irish-y.

  2. Thought you guys were celebrating St. Patty's day. Knowing your older girl....LOL....From what the girls have told me about how much she loves Irish things and Ireland.

    Are you guys Irish? Just wondering.

    I am glad you are focusing on happy thoughts. So very important during a season as you are in and so am I. :) I haven't been very up beat the past few days. I guess sometimes managing my home and everyone in it can really beat me up. Or maybe I am just beating my self up. :) I usually stay positive. I guess it feels like this season we're in can make our family life a bit hectic. Oh, and I had a grease fire the other day and my right hand is full of blisters. Yeah, ouch!! I look like a leper. LOL

    Ok, enough of the venting and pouting. I am sure not what you wanted to read this morning.

    Sending my love to you all!!


  3. Chris~I'm so sorry about your hand! Oh that's got to feel awful and get in the way of running your household smoothly! The nagging ache of my teeth was making me pretty grumpy...burns hurt so much more! Is your kitchen okay?

    Yeah, we are a little Irish...that's where our fair skin comes from and the red in my hair. :o) Funny though, my children don't have as many freckles as I did as a child, but I did start noticing some on Bubble Gum, which makes sense she she looks like me.

    Anyway, hang in there. God is for you and these moments of struggle are for our refining.

    I haven't forgotten about your other post...I'm thinking about what I want to write. Don't worry, I'm not offended! You are a good friend with a heart for God and His ways!

    Love and hugs,

  4. Strawberry Taffy started liking Irish things when I told her stories about China. I hope she goes back to the China idea. The grasshopper pie looks realy realy sweet. Have a good day.

  5. Actually Zoe, the China thing was only part of the reason that I like Ireland now. I think that deep down I've always liked Ireland.



  6. I am feeling so much better. Thanks to the Lord and His faithfulness.

    What other post? I thought it never went through if it's the one I am thinking about. I was actually glad that my computer messed up and it didn't go through. Oh boy....I feel foolish. I guess I felt that it was to much of my emotions put into it and when my computer froze, I walked away from it and forgot all about and was actually thankful it didn't go through. Yikes. I'm glad you weren't offended. I am still asking the Lord about what He meant of this. I actually sat down and prayed and read the same book in one sitting the other night. He revealed some stuff. So that was settling. Anyway, I somewhat feel horrible that you got it. I guess it was suppose go through. Seriously, I tried to submit it twice and both times it said it couldn't send it. SO then I felt that it wasn't right.

    Either way, I'm glad you still love me and are not offended. phew! It's because this whole time I thought I was glad it never went through...LOL because I didn't want our beliefs to get in between our friendship and our thoughts of how we believe in God and what He represents. We are still growing....all of us!



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