Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy thoughts!

Things that are making me happy at this very moment:

1) hearing classical music
2)the voices of Bubble-Gum and Blue-Raspberry coming through the open window over my kitchen sink
3)the little birdie I can hear chirping through that same window
4)the sound of my husband's voice as I hear him talking on the phone in his office
5)Strawberry's excitement about making a St. Patrick's Day dinner for her family

That's enough for this moment, but I'll be looking for more moments throughout the day and focusing on them because contentment and joy lie in these moments, and that's where I wan to be!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Hello My Happy Thought Friend...Good Job! I think I will name a few of my own happy thoughts for the moment...
    1...Not to be mushy but I'm happy to have a friend like you
    2...That my children are all healthy and growing
    3...That I can turn to God's word for answers
    4...That I have the ability to go for a quiet walk every morning...just me and the doggies!
    5...That we are getting soooooooo much milk and it's not even spring yet...
    Okay there is my list for now...thanks for this post as it really reels one in!

  2. Interesting! All day I have been making a similiar list! You do have a very lovely life.

  3. That does seem like some wonderful sounds. Much better than the usall crying babies. In all this, we still get a break from crying toddlers!


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