Saturday, March 13, 2010

Haul from the sale...

I found some pretty good deals at the used-curriculum sale this morning! Here's my pile of loot! Most of this stuff WAS NOT on my list, BUT I will use it in the coming years and the prices were too good to pass up!

Saxon 3 for Blue-Raspberry-needs the workbooks but this big teacher book was only $3.
Easy Grammar and Daily Grams-those will likely be for Blue-Raspberry too, but I might use some of the 5th grade book for Strawberry who isn't very fond of Abeka Language Arts. Each NEW book was $5.00.
Organizing Thinking-this was the most expensive thing I bought at $6.00. But what I love is that the book has been professionally chopped, making copies will be so much easier!
The chapter books and butterfly book and three little workbooks were a dollar each. One of those little workbooks is a Shakespeare play. Since we are doing Medieval History next year and have to read a few Shakespeare plays, I thought it would be fun for the older children and I to read this one through together, possibly act it out for the family. Hehehe...and record it for my blog! lol
Two things that were on my list: tanagrams and the Castle book by David Macaulay.
Oh, those little Highlight state books were only a quarter each. I thought they would be fun to do when we get to North America/The United States in Galloping the Globe.
I'm glad I went to the sale! My daughters were with me and I always enjoy spending time with them. On a funny note...I "bumped" into a "follower" of my blog! That was fun! Hi Jennifer! Small world sometimes!
Our underwear hunt was successful as well and I resisted all temptation to buy unneeded, yet adorable clothing from places like: Gymboree Outlet, Children's Place Outlet, Hanna Anderson Outlet...I can't wait for garage sales to start back up!
Hope your Saturday is going well! I'm off to correct papers and get ready for school next week!
blessings and joy to you all,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I miss those good old days finding all the books I never knew I needed until I saw them there - and interacting with all those homeschool moms and the great deals!



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