Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is this for real?

We've just had some really amazing days lately. Almost all the snow is gone, the sun has been shining, the temps mild. Our whole neighborhood is outside!
Our backyard is a disaster, but Mr. Taffy and sons have been busy getting it cleaned up. It's too early to plant anything...but we have the itch!
My blue-eyed beauty!
We were digging out in the garden to see what was going on under all those leaves...look what we found? Strawberries! They survived and are starting to thrive! Wow! That was totally encouraging! On a sad note...both our hives died. I guess they starved to death. Isn't that sad?
I think we have plans to get some more bees...but apparently this winter was hard on the bees nation wide. Pray for the bees. We need them!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Nice to see that sunshine everyone enjoying the outdoors! Love seeing the pictures of my grandchildren!

  2. I am glad almost all the snow is gone at your house too! We rode are bikes yesterday. Poor bee's. At least your strawberries are poking up! Have a good day!


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