Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a normal day...

Today was a pretty normal day, but a few things of significance happened. I organized my pantry. That always makes me happy--organizing! I learned a valuable lesson today. Before I stuck these spuds in the oven I said to myself, "I wonder why I'm supposed to poke holes in these potatoes before I bake them." This is why: THEY BLOW UP if you don't!!

Mr. Taffy is so inspired to plant anything. Well, here in Minnesota, March is still too early. So, to satisfy his desire, he planted a few seeds to start inside. He had the best helpers! "Oh Laffy Taffy, isn't this just the BEST!"

We planted Tomatoes aka salsa!

Spreading the dirt.

Poking the dirt. Aren't their little fingers cute?

They also planted Brussel Sprouts and Cucumbers. We have some herbs we want to start as well, but we ran out of dirt.

To close out the day, I gave the boy's haircuts and we are watching a new 10 Commandments movie that so far is pretty good and more scripturally accurate than we've seen.

Mrs. Taffy


  1. I never put holes in poatoes. But I put them in tinfoil. Have a good morning.

  2. Sounds like everyone had a really nice day! We need to get our plants started much to do with so little time :O)

  3. Mmmmmmm...when's dinner? I love love love the picture of your taffy's hugging - that one you should frame for sure - it's priceless!


  4. Hi! Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I had a potato blow up on me once, too. And I DID poke holes in it. Now I make sure to poke plenty, and I've never had another problem.

    We're also itching to start planting. Here in NC, it's not too early to go ahead with some things. We've planted daylilies and a rose bush so far. The weather here is just beautiful today and in the lower 70's. We had a half day of school so the kids could get out in the fresh air and sunshine. It's turning a bit colder again next week.

    I know what you mean about organizing. It makes ME happy, too! Autumn Joy

  5. Looks like a wonderfully spent day. Your pictures always leave me anxious to get started on a project. *and now I watch my children run and hide*

  6. I was recently reading Farmer Boy with Rachel and the baking potato exploded hitting and hurting Almanzo in the face. Glad that didn't happen to you. Great photos of your beautiful children!


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