Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Last Week of March

I have a few interesting things to share today. First off, let me introduce you to a new member of the Taffy-Pull: Worms. We got ourselves some Red Wigglers off a Craig's List add. They are now living in Mr. Taffy's office, keeping him company throughout the day. This is really so exciting because we've always wanted a little worm farm to make worm tea and fancy dirt! Yesterday was just beautiful. After dinner we decided to go to the park, but before we left, Mr. Taffy taught Bubble Gum Taffy how to ride her bike without training wheels. This was necessary because one of the training wheels broke off anyway...
Here they go. We are hoping to find her a big bigger bike at a garage sale this spring.
Oops! Took that turn a little sharp. She kept saying, "Oh! My bun-buns!"
Let's try that again!
And she's off! She really did so well! And she's so pleased with her new ability! We all stood in the driveway and clapped and cheered! Can't imagine what the neighbors thought...probably wished they were part of a big family too! lol
Now we are at the park.
Can you see that smile on her face? These swings went so much higher than our swings at home!
We haven't been able to find a park with a Merry-Go-Round for years! This one is right by our house! Oh the joy! Even the big kids liked this! The children even had a chance to give Daddy a spin! I would post a picture, but I love my husband too much to embarrass him like that! :o)
Laffy Taffy kept asking me to take his picture, he really like this steering wheel!

On the homeschool front, we bagged all Abeka last week. And yesterday we started using the new stuff I bought for next year. The Language Arts was just too confusing. They were testing okay, but I didn't feel like they were really learning anything, like how to write better or how to spell better or communicate more clearly. One of my top goals here is to instill a love of learning into my children and to make their learning relevant. If someone would have told me that I would be using fractions as a mother when I prepared food, I would have been more eager to learn them! So we've changed things around a little bit and I think it's too soon to tell if they will have good success with what we are using now, but they were all so happy and they are eager to do well so I'm sure they will succeed.

Blue-Raspberry is about to finish all his first grade stuff! He's so excited. He loves to complete a book or a workbook! I'm not going to call him a 2nd grader yet, but I'm very pleased with his brain. :o) And this is significant because he had an accident as a baby and I was sure we had ruined his brain...I can say with confidence his brain if just fine and maybe even a little better than fine!

We are taking our spring break next week, looking forward to doing some projects around the house and doing some spring cleaning.
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Love the pictures! Bubble gum looks like she is doing so good riding her bike and Laffy is just so cute! All of your kids are just sooo great! They are sweet and nice and always smiling. Your family is a blessing to know and very inspirational too!

    I can not figure out what park you are at... did you walk to get there?

  2. Love the bicycle photos! Go Girl! and your comment about "finishing a book" reminded me how that was one of the most exciting things about homeschooling - in public school they never finished a book - ever! and that always bothered my student! We did a lot of switching around of texts until we found something we both liked. Its just part of the process.

  3. The picture of Mr. Taffy and Bubblegum is adorable! I remember when I first rode without training wheels. Have a blessed day!

  4. I remember that park. It's a nice little trek through the woods. I never say the basket ball hoop either. I think it was always hidden by the truck.

  5. Been away because my computer sort of "crashed" and my hubby went to find another job today....actually he sort of had it on the side but never worked it. He is still doing our business but his friend who has a business also needs some help and money can come quicker working for his friend. Anyway, life has been interesting over here and haven't done much computer or blog visits at all.

    Just staying focused on homeschooling and homemaking....

    I had to skim over lots of your posts and now I am wondering how you did as far as the gloomy post is concerned.... Was everything ok with what you had to do? Hopefully.. I know what you mean... sometimes it's hard to do things that might cause rejection.

    Hoping the weekend is filled with a joy the Resurrected LORD only can give! Tonight we celebrate our Passover and of course incorporate the Resurrection day! ON the menu Lamb roast, garlic mash potatoes, and a veggie (not sure which one), parker rolls, ice cream and brownies... yummy!

    Take care,


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