Friday, March 12, 2010

Ready for a ramble?

Since it's been a while since I've blogged I have a lot to write about...I prefer short frequent posts, but sometimes long posts just have to do! :o)

On the home front, my nieces have gone home. They went home Thursday afternoon. Yeah, I miss them. Thursday was a full day with getting all their clothes and sheets washed and school done and tummy's full and taking them home after lunch. In the afternoon on Thursday we renewed our Costco and Sam's club memberships. Since it's been almost a year since we've moved back here, everything is starting to expire. I was a little worried about Sam's and Costco...that's $85 to come up with. These are the only stores I shop at pretty much...But God had it worked out. Just last week we got a Costco coupon book in the mail and in there was a $100 off coupon for the mattress we just bought (actually exchanged), so we took that coupon in and got enough cash to pay for both memberships with a little left over! NICE! The same day, the day we finished the book of Job in our family's Balancing the Sword time, the same day the girls left and we were feeling some closure with surgery's and all but wondering what in the world we were going to do since we have no job leads and no direction from the Lord...BAM! A check in the mail! What? Totally unexpected, from an unexpected source and a complete joy to us! Mr. Taffy was speechless! I, of course wasn't, I was whooping it up and high-fivin' everyone and Thanking the Lord! You know why? Because Strawberry and I need new underwear! I was just telling her the other day, when God sends us another check, we'll go underwear shopping! Guess what we are doing tomorrow? :o)

Personally, I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my teeth. Probably for sort of came to head Thursday night though and after 3 ibuprofen I was able to dull the pain enough to fall asleep. A couple weeks back, I was actually having numbness in my face and lips too. So strange. So after Mr. Taffy made a bunch of calls to research prices and options, we decided to go to our very favorite dentist that we used 10 years ago. I'm so happy he's still in business! Anyway, it was rather traumatic for me, I wouldn't say I'm afraid of the dentist, but my experience in WA was really bad and I'm a little emotionally fragile. :o) And I might add--a wimp regarding going to the dentist. I would rather go through labor 10 more times! I have two teeth that are infected. Ugh! One tooth that was supposed to have had a root canal done to it is infected! What? That dentist in WA only did a partial root canal. Oh the waste! Every option to fix my teeth is expensive. I have faith that God will provide. And I'm so thankful because the dentist gave me a prescription for antibiotics ($9.32 at Sam's). I think I've been carrying this infection around for months. I've been trying to treat it naturally, and when I'm consistent, it starts to let up, but then I get lazy or forgetful...I think the last time I was on antibiotics was when Strawberry was a newborn and I had a terrible breast infection! I am so looking forward to feeling better!

There's a used-curriculum sale tomorrow. I'm going to check it out before we go underwear shopping to see if I can find a few of thes book that I need for History next year.

Banana Taffy did an awesome post on his blog that I think you might enjoy reading. It will give a little glimpse into the mind of a 15 year old anyway. I love reading what he thinks. Blogging gives him an opportunity to put his thoughts into words and gives me a peak inside his amazing mind. I prefer writing what I think too, so I can especially appreciate his posts. Sometimes my mouths get in the way of what I'm really trying to say.

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Isn't it wonderful when God blesses us out of nowhere? He promised to take care of our needs. We just have to be faithful to him.

    I'm so glad to hear that you were able to recive such a blessing at a needed time.

    My mom recently had tooth pain she had been putting off. They ended up pulling those teeth, but before that she was given a perscription and she was told that swishing Listerine would help. It is an antiseptic.

    I hope you get to feeling better. Look for an e-mail from me.

  2. So glad you posted on the unexpected surprise I heard about on FB.

    The Lord is so awesome! He knows just what we need when we need it. This is why I am not in a bit of frustration or stress or anything like this because He has always, ALWAYS come though. This is the Lord....very FAITHFUL! Hey, I take for His word. That is how every child of God should live....never doubt, but take Him for his word. Just how we would take our spouses for their word. If they said they would be there then they will... Right? The Lord is even more FAITHFUL!

    Ok, so I remember I had to have a root canal done aout a year ago....and yeah, I didn't NOT enjoy my experience. Being with your mouth wide open for longer than an hour is not a trip to Starbucks. LOL

    At the time I had insurance but I still had a deductible to pay plus the extra money. The cost leftover cost us around 360 some dollars and we did have it and paid it. but we knew we were going to be very tight in our budget. Well, without ever saying anything to anyone....a woman in my church comes up and hands me a check for $370. Almost the exact amount of the root canal. I mean she could have written a check for$300 or rounded it up. but why $370? The Lord put just that amount in her heart because He knew I would know it was exactly from Him to cover the root canal cost. Yay Jesus!!

    I am so happy for you guys and your journey! ((((hugs)))) to you all!


  3. Angela~do you have my email?

    Looking forward to the email! :o)

    Chris~You just always know what to say! Love you too!

  4. Love the Ramble...wonderful things happening in your life and some not so wonderful things...but I'm with you the Lord will provide for whatever you need...even down to the covered parts...teee-heee!

    I do hope you are feeling much better!

    Hugs to all...

  5. Hello my friend! How are you?!! Well, first off ... praise God for that unexpected blessing you received in the mail That is awesome and I love, love, love when God takes care of us like that! 2) Great blog Josiah! You must be such a proud momma and I must congratulate you on what a wonderful job you've done raising such an amazing young man! 3) I really am so sorry to read of the horrible pain you've been experiencing with your teeth! Thank You God that Carissa is healed! Love you friend xoxo


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