Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grandma's Visit

I've been a little "missing in action" because we've had a special house guest. Mr. Taffy's Grandma has been staying with us the past 5 days. She just went home yesterday. I'll tell you more about that in a minute. First, let me just tell you how blessed we are...see my boys here and all that wood behind them? All last week and weekend they've been gathering up free firewood. Locally even, so they haven't been driving very far. This is just a picture of one load. I think they actually got 6-8 loads of firewood. At one house they went too, the wood was already cut and split! All they had to do was stack it! I don't have a picture of the stock pile, but it's amazing! They have all their wood sort of surrounding my clothes line (which I have been using since last weekend). It's fine as long as I can get back there and hang the clothes! Back to Grandma's visit. She's been in town for about 10 days, but spent half her time with Mike's sister. She wasn't feeling very good while she was here, and she kept apologizing because she didn't think she was very good company. Well, she still mananged to spoil us with her time and attention! She took us out to eat- TWICE! So fun for the family!

One thing that she wanted to do before she left was go to the Fort Snelling National Cemetery and take a picture of the the grave stone of a brother of a good friend of hers. We gladly and with great joy complied! It was easy to do too, because the cemetery is right by the airport!
Always sobering isn't it? This is much smaller than Arlington National Cemetery, but just as beautiful and sureal.
Strawberry and Pillar going up the hill to see what they could see.
We found the grave marker without any trouble thanks to my husbands navigation skills and a helpful website.
This guy was a three time war vet!
Some of the funny things I heard while we were driving around:
"When I'm a mom, I'm going to dig up those people and give them food and a drink." Bubble Gum Taffy
"They look like dominos!" Blue Raspberry Taffy
We even saw this big guy wandering around contemplating the fate of the world...

Today is Pillar's 13 birthday. We invited her to stay over for a couple nights with us, well mainly Strawberry, but we are all enjoying her company. We had her favorite icecream for dessert last night and Uncle Taffy and I gave her a new Bible-for which she was very thankful!
Oh, I almost forgot to mention. We stopped at one other place on the way to the airport...IKEA! I'll save that experience for another post!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Wow! A war vet three times. Thank you, Lord for such dedicated men to serve our country.

    It looks like you had a wonderful visit!

  2. Nice to see you back! Amazing wood guys! Loved the wild turkey in the cemetery!

  3. Wow, I did not know that he was a three time vet. The turkey was funny. Bubblegum was so cute talking about how she would dig up and feed the people in the graves. :) Thankyou for the wonderful Bible.


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