Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Evening

I love this time of day...dusk. The children are all in bed, the kitchen is clean, the sun is still lighting up the sky, but not enough to show the dust floating around my house. The birds sing their final song to the sun that's setting, everything looks especially clean and green...ahhhh...if I'm lucky, I can even see a brown bat flying from tree to tree-wonderful!

We've had such a full week. Not in that it was full of various activities, but full in that we were hard after "it." The theme of this season seems to be diligence. Have you ever noticed how it's easy to be diligent when things are going well, but when things are going rough, it's pretty much easy to NOT be diligent? I have tried to be so faithful in my duties as wife and mother through our winter season. Let me tell you, most days it was done out of obligation; both to the Lord and my family. I didn't have much joy in doing the normal things. But I did them. And in doing them, I actually was surprised that I felt good afterward, accomplished.

Well, we've had 10 days off from school, the rest was great and went by SO fast! This past week was back to work for us. And work we did. My children are all doing so well in their homeschool. I'm so pleased with their progress and their eagerness to do well. Since switching FROM abeka, my older three are so much happier and interested in what they are learning. I've heard lots of, " I get it." or "How come they (abeka) didn't explain it like that?" I'm giving them a "final" test in Latin on Tuesday. We've memorized 100 Latin/Greek roots and their definitions. They will be tested on 50 of those words, but they don't know which 50, so they will have to study them all. :o) Sounds difficult, but we've found this to be really fulfilling and interesting. And I'm including myself in that "we."

Blue-Raspberry finished another Math workbook this week and has started working through the Pathway Reader Workbooks (which he LOVES.) We are still Galloping the Globe and are currently studying China. I've been letting Bubble Gum and Laffy play...not much structured learning going on with those two, thus the reason I haven't been doing the Preschool Corner and Tot School posts.

I ordered our CAT tests for next month. Only the older three are taking them, as required by our MN state homeschool laws. Next year Blue-Raspberry will have to take it as well.

I had my dentist appointment this week. Phew! So glad to have that over with. I feel so much better! I think I've been in pain for a year! I have to go back and get the crown put on a get that back tooth pulled. Not really looking forward to the pulling, but I can't express how much better this dentist did with my root canal. Really, the man is doing what God created him to do, he's so gifted!

I made an Azure order this week too. It won't be here until May though. I ordered raw sugar and 50lbs of carrots! I'm thinking JUICE! Yum! Carrot Juice! Plus, Banana Taffy can probably eat half that bag himself! He LOVES carrots. Maybe I should change his name to Carrot Taffy! lol I also ordered some seeds for our garden and buttermilk powder for baking.

My boys were off getting firewood today, more free firewood from a Craig's List ad. I took a picture of it, but Mr. Taffy is using the camera so I can't share it now. We almost have enough for next winter! They have some cutting and chopping to do, but we are so thankful.

I think this is the first year I've been able to see the fruit of my fall labor. Meaning, I don't usually get to see the tulips I plant come up in the fall. Mainly because we moved. Blah! I am so incredibly thankful to not be moving. I'm so thankful to see those tulips and those hostas and those apple trees coming forth and bursting with life.

Mr. Taffy's Grandma is in town for a visit as well. Currently she is staying with his sister, who had another follow up surgery this past week. She'll be staying with us next week most likely. She's so fun to have around, she's a smart lady with a sharp mind and she loves her grandchildren and great-grandchildren so much!

I guess the other thing that has been keeping me busy is that I've been exercising at the Y. It's so fun to go with my teenagers! I hate going alone, but they love to go and keep me company! For some reason exercising always makes my finger nails grow. Nice perk. :o)

So in closing, just let me say thank you to YOU! Thank you for reading my blog and praying for us during this hard time in our life. My dad put it this way, "Looks like somebody was talking to that mountain." I think so. We've learned valuable lessons during this season and are probably a little more purified because of all that heat. I've come through it with three very clear themes ( I can't think of a better word):

1) There is always something to be thankful for and that's what we should think about.
2) The Lord provides Provision enough for THIS day ("give us this day our daily bread").
3) I can completely trust my Father in heaven.

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Beautiful post! That says it all!



  2. My mom Homeschooled us and now me my children. Mom always told me that she loved ABEKA for younger children, but HATED it for older ones. LOL!

  3. Nice post! I agree with Angela about Abeka - it seems great for the younger children but about 3rd grade it turns sour...and my children are so frustrated with it!

    Wondering what you switched to and what you use for language? Oh, I remember...I'll go to the tabs on the top of your blog!


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