Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break Day 1/Good Friday/Mr. Taffy's B.Day!

Big title right? Big day for sure! I don't have too many pictures to share because the day went faster than I could keep up with, but I'll try to write well enough for you to get a visual picture!

The day started out with Mr. Taffy running out to make our plea with the county. Now that our taxes are done, we can apply for a little help. It's really pathetic, not the help, but our taxes. If I told you what we are worth in the government's eyes, you wouldn't believe me! You can read about it from Mr.Taffy's perspective here. It was good appointment though and we'll know soon what kind of help we'll get.

A couple days ago Mr. Taffy put an ad on Craig's List to see if anyone would rent him their rototiller for $20. Well, a guy called him up and said he would do it for us for $20! We ended up paying $32 for him to do it twice, the ground was still a little frozen because of the leaves piled on top, but doesn't it look wonderful? And Banana and Chocolate are thrilled because this was going to be their project during spring break with our wimpy little tiller. This is another wonderful blessing that I have to share...Mr. Taffy found the greatest thing on Craig's list (seeing a theme here?). A lady was giving away 4 year old raspberry plants! Raspberry plants that have survived 4 Minnesota winter's! Woohoo! All we had to do was go out and dig them up! So while Mr. Taffy was watching the garden being tilled, the boys and I drove out and got all these beautiful plants! Happy Birthday Mr. Taffy...really, this is like a gift straight from God to him, raspberry's are his FAVORITE! A tiny little raspberry twig at Wal-mart goes for $10, we got 22 HUGE (in comparison) branches! He's already planted them even!
After all that, we went swimming at the Y...a fun little birthday/spring break activity. The kids had so much fun and my older children are sore from all the stair climbing on the water slides!

Then we came home and had some dinner. We tried grilling some "special" venison cut, but we didn't care for it and ended up eating hot dogs instead! lol What a birthday dinner right? We also had baked potatoes and salad and these two beauties down below! Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and Grasshopper Pie--Loading them up with 37 candles!
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Daddy Taffy, Happy Birthday to you!
Look at the smoke! Cough...cough...He got the job done though! Impressive!
I've started a project in the's a disaster, but it's going to be wonderful when I'm done! I'm going to try and post pictures every day of our break, a bit of a spring break journal.

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Happy Birthday Michael! I love the photo of him smiling - one doesn't often see that kind of smile on his face! : ) I'm glad you had such a happy day!

  2. Oh, Happy Birthday to you Mr. Blanchard...from all us Griffins! We adore you and are so glad the Lord gave you your favorite berry...I bet it will produce an abundance for you!

    Great Day...Great News...Great Pictures...Hugs to all!


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