Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break Day 6

The day isn't over yet, but I'm excited to share my project. This first picture is Strawberry Taffy fixing us a big pot of chili! Yum! She doesn't like opening all of the cans, but I really appreciate her help! While she was opening those cans, I refiled some of my kitchen containers, with: wheat, rice & macaroni noodles. I have the BIG containers/slash bags in my BIG pantry and keeper smaller containers in my smaller pantry--more convenient than pulling out a 5 gallon bucket every time I cook. Ta-Da! Here's our finished homeschool room. Don't those dark colors look nice with the cedar?
We cleaned everything: the windows, the screens, the fireplace, the tables, the corners, everything!
My craft table corner.
My school desk, where I keep school stuff. That black file box is where I put the kids papers after I correct them. The pile of books on the floor (hidden in the corner) is waiting to be packed away. I usually get each child a "bucket" to store their school stuff in from the previous year, and until I get said buckets, the stuff just stays in the pile. :o)
A view of the school room through the playroom.
Another view of the playroom...that doorway goes into the big boy's room...waiting for their sheets to make it through the wash.
So there you have it! Everybody loves it down there! I do too! With the clean ceiling and clean windows, it's actually brighter than it was before.

Tomorrow we are going to go look for garage sales and prepare for company on Friday night! Hope your week is going well too!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I know I've said it before but I really love how organized you are! Oh, to have a homeschool room! And a playroom!!

  2. It looks really good!

  3. It looks wonderful! It looks like it came out of a professional magizine! You have been pretty busy! We went garage sailing today. Hope you find lots of wonderful things!

  4. I really love your school room...really makes me long for the day the Lord blesses me with one!

    Great job on the colors and organization!

  5. I love your schoolroom. My 9 year old just said about your pictures, "Talk about organized." I agree, I love it. Especially the multi-colored chairs.


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