Monday, May 10, 2010

C.A.T. spells cat

It's also an acronym for California Achievement Test. That's what we are doing this week--meow! I do these tests because MN law requires them. And I do these tests because it's like MY report card, letting me know where I've missed the mark a little and what we need to focus on next year.

And in between tests (because I don't sit and watch them, but I do set a timer and make sure they stop on time) I did school with Blue-Raspberry and worked on a sewing project.
We have a few more tests tomorrow and the rest of the week we'll be studying economics--garage sale style!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Happy Testing...I should really order my CAT's as I wanted them to re-test at the end of May...a little behind!

    Are you sewing what I think your sewing...adorable material...I still faithfully use my unmentionables and love it!

    I saw an apron in a magazine and went to the web site...ouch the apron was about $30.00...silly! So I have a thought of making my own apron and I found some free apron patterns on-line and I can dress it up with bows and buttons...a project for JI and I soon!

    Have a Happy Day...God Bless!

  2. friend...yup! You are correct! I have been faithful too, just wanted a few more. I'm popping them out pretty quickly this time.

    I had the same idea about looking for an apron pattern on line...can you send me the links? Or do a blog post about it!

    I need two aprons, one for the kitchen and one for the garden.


  3. Ick, I do not like the tests. But, they are TONS better than the ones in public school. You had to take one test for every subject. Phew, good thing I don't have to do that much this year! :)

  4. Testing in SC was optional when I was homeschooling, I think. My mom still sent me somewhere to take them each year just because. She wanted to see where I was in comparison with others in my grade to make sure I was on track. Ours was the Stanford Achievement Test, no relation to the SATs taken during junior and senior year tho!

  5. We're doing ours next week. Yeah fun!

  6. Yes, I would be happy to share what I find on-line....but you have to check out this amazing apron company...Jessie Steele Aprons...very adorable. I got a million ideas running in my head about aprons...but one I've never thought of is one for the garden! Now that is a marvelous no I need two also...tee-hee!

    Hugs to you!


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