Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garage Sale Day 1

Well today was...interesting...when I started setting up for this sale on Saturday, the forecast said it was going to be cool today-60 and sunny. WRONG! It's been FREEZING! and RAINING! and WINDY! Not exactly ideal garage sale weather. But Minnesotans are die-hard and we still had a real great turn out, despite the conditions! I've sold tons of stuff, including: our broken lawn mower, 8 pine doors & Chocolate's weight set. Lots of clothes sold and many books too. I love visiting with people who garage sale. Most people KNOW we are Christian by the things we well, or maybe by the things we don't sell, but they usually get pretty free with asking questions about our beliefs and our children and homeschooling. I got to talk to a young mom who is just about to start homeschooling her daughter. She was asking me all kinds of questions, I gave her an Our Father's World catalog. I've never used that curriculum, but know many people who have and they LOVE it! It looks so gentle and organized and fun. She was thrilled and left with a big bag of clothes for her daughter and a big smile on her face. I'm not really sure how much money I made. I don't usually keep track of what I'm making, only what the others in my sale are making. I'm not even going to look at tomorrow's weather forecast--it won't be accurate anyway, right? :o) I'm so thankful to have such great help in the form of my children, they are champs: work hard, follow directions, help Mom's carry stuff to their car & give me potty breaks. I love my teens!

My neighbor is also hosting a sale. She's not selling much, but HER friend is using her garage. Well her friend has a daughter a little older than Bubble Gum. Yesterday I got to go over there and look through her clothes--she had name brand stuff at awesome prices! I bought $24.00 worth of clothes for Bubble Gum. Most of it she'll wear this spring and summer, but some I'll pack away until the fall. Such a blessing because I didn't have much in her size packed away. And wow was that girl thrilled with the clothes, her love tank got filled and over-flowed all over the rest of us. "Oh Mom, you are the best!" Oh Mom, this is so perfect!" SCREEEAAAM! "I love this!" I didn't expect all that enthusiasm, but it was fun to watch! She tried on EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I'll take pictures and share them in my Thrifty Friday Post.

On to other news...
Mr. Taffy has a second interview tomorrow. We thought we would have known by now, but tomorrow he has one more meeting, then hopefully we'll know. Oh it's hard to wait, but we've waited this long, a few more days won't kill us. I hope. :o)

Mrs. Taffy


  1. love your enthusiasm! I remember seeing home-school stuff at garage sales when I was still in the "thinking about it" phase and people were so nice and helpful and happy to share their experiences and ideas. Can't wait to see some of the clothes you bought for Bubble Gum! Hang in there in your waiting game. All will work out for the best.


  2. I'm so glad the sale went well today despite the aweful weather! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!! I can hardly wait to see Bubble Gum's new clothes. I can just imagine her excitement and enthusiasm over them. We've been praying for Mr. Taffy often! BIG hugs from over here. We love you!!

  3. It's me....Oh, so glad you were able to encourage a young homeschooling family...that's the best thing about are so encouraging! I know how she feels...we always walked away from your home with smiles!

    Good job on the clothing for Bubble...of course she was excited...clothes are so much fun!

    Bought my first school stuffs for next year...the Handwritting Without Tears writting books...3rd grade, 5th grade and one for my always feels so good to start purchasing the things on the "list"

    Hugs to you and yours~!


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