Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures

Okay, I'm going to change this up a little. Maybe if I call it Garage Sale Treasures I can get somebody to link up with me. Am I the only one garage saling right now? Ahhh...come on...I'm begging here...anybody? :o) Okay, I'll stop with the pressure, but if you would like to share what you got at Garage Sales, or thrift stores, this week--LINK UP! Today started out kind of dull. We chased a lot of dead end signs. That happens sometimes. But when we did finally find a live one, it was a great one! This is one of the items we had on our list--A new trike for Laffy Taffy. They sell these Radio Flyer foldable trikes at Walmart for 39.95. We got it for $7.00. I can't believe somebody didn't snatch it up before us! He loves it!

I can't even believe this find. It was the only book like it at the sale. Initially I thought I would resell it, but I think I'll do a blog giveaway with it instead. Four of my children have learned to read using this book! It's wonderful!

I found this lovely blue scarf for $1.00 too. I found some beautiful green silk pillows at another garage sale, each $1.00. I didn't find any clothes today, but I did find some fun jewelry. I NEVER buy jewelry, but one lady was done with her jewelry selling business and was selling her stuff really cheap. I bought a lovely pair of earrings for .50 (new) and a fun bracelet.
My son, Banana Taffy, found a Jesus Freaks Book. He is currently reading Vol. 2 and he found another Vol. 2 at a garage sale today, so he is hosting a giveaway on his blog. He would love for you to check it out! :o)
Happy Hunting!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Cool finds! Maybe I'll see some garage sales tomorrow! I tried to "link up" with my thrift store finds but it was too hard for me. They wanted two url's. duh, I didn't know what to do! I am so helpless.

  2. When will you do the giveaway for the book you found? Just curious!

  3. Hi Brit! I haven't really decided when I am going to do the giveaway...It won't be long though, I promise! Have a beautiful day!

  4. I need to get garage sailing or "yard sales" as we call them down here.... Even though most are in garages...LOL

    I really need to go. Maybe next time I go and if I buy anything I'll link up.

    BTW... I wanted to mention on my blog, how I really like your gardens. I really do! You are so talented. Seriously thinking of doing a garden right now in my life seems so overwhelming. Well lots of things feel this way. Maybe I need to "chat" about it on my blog. LOL

    I am glad you have been enjoying listening to me ramble and my life story....

    WE'll talk soon...

    Love ya!


  5. Wow mom, that wrap looks really pretty on your bed! Love ya!

  6. Oh, what a fun post...If I find some fun things to share I will!

    I soooooo want to enter for that book! I let a new to schooling homeschool mom borrow my book and I never got it back - I think she lost it...grrrr! Anyway, I have been wanting to replace that I can't wait to enter to win!

    Great finds...good job!

  7. I love garage sales, but they don't have them in the UK. So, I'll be posting mostly about charity (thrift) shop finds, which are just about as good. The post I just linked up here is actually about a church rummage sale I went to--it was even better than charity shops. Anyway, I can't wait to get back to the US this summer so I can go to yard/garage sales again! Oh, by the way, I've also used that same book to teach 2 of mine to read--my daughter just finished it--great find!

  8. Hey, I love yard sales. Almost every Saturday... that's what I'm doing.


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