Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Morning!

Do you know this song? "Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning, it's time to rise and shine! Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning, I hope you're feeling fine! Get out of bed you sleepy head, it's time to start the day--Hooray! Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning!" It just keeps going on and on. I can't remember where I heard that, but when my first three were little I used to sing it to them in the morning when they were stumbling around.

My first picture is weird, but since Chris has been taking a picture of herself before her audio blog posts (which has been very helpful) I thought I'd take one too. This is my "cool" hair style. I just couldn't stomach turning on the hair dryer this morning. It was 80 degree upstairs when I woke up! So I was trying to figure out what to do with my hair that wouldn't drive me crazy all day. I decided on a bandanna. It feels great! It will keep all the bugs and tree seeds out of my hair while I'm hanging clothes on the line too! These are some updated shots of my garden. We got it completely planted over the weekend. That was hot hard work, but so satisfying! I want to show you the wonderful pea trellises Banana Taffy made for me. We just screwed them to the front of the boxes! Sweet! Those tiny little pea plants are ones I saved from our starts. I also planted a bunch a new seeds.
This is the basically the same picture, it's just the next box over. That's a box of mainly brussell sprouts. I still need to paint a sign for it. I also planted 6 pumpkins in there.
Here's my loaded Salsa Garden Box. I've got 6 tomato plants of various variety's and sizes (our starts died), 6 purple pepper plants, 2 jalapeno plants and about a dozen onions. The purple pepper plants are seeds, so they aren't showing yet.
Ahhh...our sweet raspberries.
Over the weekend we bought 4 bales of straw. Our plan with these is to spread it between the garden boxes so it's not so dirty when we work in the garden. We will lay down landscape fabric first. I would have worked out there yesterday but it was so hot! It was still 95 when we went to bed last night! The cukes loved the heat, but not me! I'm also laying straw on the potatoes once they get bigger. I did see signs of the potatoes growing yesterday, which was so exciting!
Isn't gardening a miracle really? You put a dead seed in the ground, and somehow it comes to life and becomes a delicious vegetable to eat! Amazing! God's creation is AWESOME!
Remember a while back when I said I was working on a landscaping project. Here it is. It's not finished because I need some more small rock, but this is what I did. I expanded our path into the front yard. The grass never grew there and the kids were naturally walking there anyway, so I just decided to make it longer. Everything I used I found around the house-the landscape fabric, the edging, the flagstone. The flagstone was actually one huge piece that Banana broke for me. He broke it perfectly if I do say so...I was only expecting 2 pieces, but he got me 4! It's hard to tell, but the flagstone path goes all the way around those little rocks, over to the slide. We are looking for sand on Craig's list to fill up their sandbox too.
I have plans to put edging around the garden too, to contain the straw. We found a bunch of edging under the deck and more landscape fabric (I think they were left by the original owners of this house!). So if today's not too hot, I'll be out there digging and burying edging! I'm trying to get it all situated by Memorial Day. We are having some friends over for a BBQ and there will be LOTS of children here! I'd like to keep their shoes somewhat clean--you know for when they go inside to use the potty! :o)
Have a great day!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Very nice picture and garden. When I get older. That is what I want my garden to look like! :)

  2. What a agreat garden! I love how you and Alan want to grow your own produce! It truly is a miracle when I can get anything to grow to completion! : ) I wish you could send ten degrees of your weather to us!

  3. You look so BEAUTIFUL!! I just smiled really big just like my pic on my new post when I saw you smiling face.

    I CAN'T believe it is so hot up there. wow! I bet you can't wait to jump into a pool or lake of some sort right? That is our kind of weather down here.

    Thank you so much for always leaving such great comments....love you! big hugs to you.

    Ok, gotta run and figure out what's for dinner tonight.....I know I don't have it planned out. Yikes...


  4. Love the up-do! Your garden is lovely!

  5. Well, talk about a trip down memory lane! I certainly have heard that song because it is what my mom sang to me most mornings growing up! Lots of love xoxo

  6. So you're one of those moms who looks cute no matter what she wears, huh? You look so pretty!

    Love your garden!

  7. Tirzah-where is that song from? It's driving me crazy that I can't remember!

    Cody-I don't deserve that compliment, but thank you. :o) Thanks for the wonderful comments you leave on my blog from time to time!


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