Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Strawberry!

One more birthday...the next birthday is mine and it isn't until late in the summer. Our birthday "season" is officially over with the celebration of Strawberry. She turns 12 today. My oh my oh my...I remember turning 12. Our day has been full and has played out in a strange order, but it's been great!

First thing this morning, after Apple Pancakes, we opened presents. Or, she did rather. :o)
I bought her this cute purse at Goodwill months ago. I put an umbrella in there, I bought during the after Christmas sales, some mascara (for special occasions) and a couple cute bandannas. I also gave her the book Feminine by Design (which I also bought months ago--it's been hard saving all these goodies for her!).

After breakfast and presents, Strawberry and I went to a worship concert. It was wonderful!
I can't really find the words to describe how neat this was. The music was joyful, the dancing beautiful and the whole atmosphere of the place gave us goose bumps repeatedly! I am so glad we went!
After the performance we met Daddy and Bubble Gum at Claire's for the big gift of ear-piercing. This is a family tradition to wait until the 12th birthday. Here are her naked ears...She was so nervous, but so excited!
Ear #1. She did great! She picked her birthstone for the earrings, emerald in a white gold setting.
Learning how to clean her ears.
Here we are back at home...if you look closely you can see her adorable ears. We had cake around 3. Isn't the cake stand neat? A friend made that for me, it's a plate glued to a glass. I love it! Thanks Renee!
After cake we went to Starbucks. She got a gift card from her big brother and this week Starbucks has 1/2 price Frappachino's from 3-5pm.
It's been such a great day! I'm so abundantly thankful and proud of this child. She is the delight of my life and brings me much comfort and joy in her peaceful and gentle manner. When I think of what an awful 12 year old I was, I am in awe of God's mercy for giving me such a good-natured child.
Happy Birthday Strawberry!
Mrs. (Momma) Taffy


  1. Mom you are just SO sweet!! There's not much more I can say but Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day. And you were NOT a horrible 12 year old! I remember you as perfect! All three of my children have such different personalities and I love each of my children for exactly who they are. Daughters are a special treasure!


  3. What sweet traditions! It sounds like a wonderful day!

  4. What a fun time you had! The cake looks very pretty.

  5. Looks like a very fun birthday and that's a beautiful cake! You and Mr Taffy do so many wonderful things for your kids' birthdays. I really enjoy hearing about them!

  6. It looks like a lovely 12th birthday! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!!


    She looks so beautiful and grown up! My girls can't stop talking about her new earrings and how she is now 12!

    You know your family is a frequent topic of conversation around our home. We love you guys even though we have never met personally! :)


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