Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's true, I've been a way for a while. I've been just a tiny bit discouraged about my blog life, but mostly I've just been super busy. Now that Mr. Taffy is away at work I find myself much busier and much more motivated to tackle projects. We've been getting up so early, 5 am. Last night I was asleep by 9:15...I was busy ALL day! And I don't just mean busy like on the computer and talking on the phone busy, but actively moving around my house and physically working!

I don't have pictures from the work we did this past weekend but it was MAJOR! Saturday morning Mr. Taffy and I had to run errands. With this new job he suits up EVERY day. He only has 2 suits and three dress shirts. We had to do some shopping. Since I was having major Mommy-guilt for being gone all morning, we took the kids swimming in the afternoon, then grilled and watched a movie together. I was a great day!

Sunday we spent the day working in the yard. My neighbor gave us plants (thank you!) and we bought some plants too. I did some landscaping (I love the physical part of yard work--not sure why) with items we had laying around and the new plants from the neighbor. Banana Taffy fertilized the grass and laid grass seed in the bare areas. Chocolate Taffy helped me with the planting and rearranging of plants. Strawberry planted some herbs in our herb garden and weeded it. We were out there all day, exhausted from all the fresh air and sunshine!

We've been doing school this week. But in the afternoons I've been working on projects. This is what I did today. I painted these cute signs with leftover fence pickets and some acrylic paint I had. I'm going to make more tomorrow, Banana Taffy cut up more pickets for me.
The boys have been putting these planter boxes in. Mr. Taffy built 8 of them on Sunday. We have to do it the slow tedious way since we aren't having dirt brought in. Slow and tedious means they are digging the ground up and putting the boxes in, then filling them back up again. Mr. Taffy put wire on the bottom of 4 of these, to keep the gophers and chipmunks from eating our veggies. This was hard work. My boys are the best! We only have 2 boxes left to bury! You can see behind Banana a box full of strawberry plants. One of the other things I did today was transplant those strawberries from another part of the garden to that box. It will forevermore be the strawberry box.
Chocolate working on burying a box. They were dripping with sweat! Me too actually. :o)
So this is how I used those signs I painted.
I have two boxes of potatoes. This one in front is full of purple potatoes. The one behind is full of red and pink potatoes.
There's nothing in this box yet, but it will have tomatoes and peppers and maybe some onions in it--before the week is over! The box to the left of this one is full of cucumbers. We LOVE cucumbers!
Right now all that's in here is a frog and some sucker minnows, but we hope to find a lost turtle soon and give him a nice home here in our pond.
Feeding the fish.
I still have some more signs to paint: Raspberries, Blueberries, Squash, Peas, Currants, Laundry (for near my clothes line) and another Potato sign. They are so fun to make! I probably will need to spray them with some spray varnish or something, but the signs make our garden feel "official" and will help us remember that it's food growing down there, not just weeds!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. WOW!!! It looks terrific back there! You guys have been working hard....and it really looks great!! Good job!!

  2. Great to see you blogging again! But when I see how much you've done, I'm amazed you found time to blog at all! Your garden is beautiful and I am sure it will be plentiful!

  3. You have been busy! The signs are really cute!

  4. I'm impressed with all that outdoor growing you have going on. My children would love it.

  5. Hello! I love your garden. Is this your first time growing or have you done this awhile? This is my first season of growing anything and I chose tomatoes. I have 5 plants that are growing so incredibly fast. I love them! I can taste the summer tomato already. :) How hard was it to grow potatoes? Is it to late to plant those?
    Christine @ Live to Learn

  6. Hi Christine! Thanks for stopping by! I'm always leaving comments on your blog...with all the other things you are good at, I bet you'll be good at gardening too!

    I think this is the first year that our garden has looked the way I really want it to. I still feel like a novice though...:o) It was very easy to plant potatoes and they really like our sandy soil. I read on the bag that I have to cover them with straw after they are about 12 inches tall, or at least cover the dirt with straw. We didn't do that last year and we got TONS of potatoes! I planted two boxes this year since that "ton" of potatoes only lasted a month! lol I hope your tomatoes are delicious!


    P.S. I bet in your mild climate it's not too late to plant potatoes. My husband's Grandpa lives in SC and he's always growing stuff in the winter!


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