Saturday, May 1, 2010

I spent the day getting ready for our garage sale. It's been fun in that we are getting the garage clean at the same time, ohh the "fluff" that was in there. We thought we had it all sucked up, and then I would move a box and BAM--more fluff! HaaCHOOO! It looks great in there though and it's all coming together nicely. I have lots of pricing to do, I pretty much got all the clothes priced today and all my books are priced, but there is a lot of odds and ends that need prices. I bought lots of sandwich thins and juice boxes and baby carrots, so lunch will be super easy. I'm going to put dinner in the crock pot each day of the sale, except maybe Friday. I'm thinking we might do pizza on Friday. :o) The weather forecast is favorable, sunny and cool.

I have this natural obsession with feeling like my house has to be spotless before the sale, since I won't be spending much time taking care of things inside the house during the sale. I'm fighting it, really I am. But I might lose. :o)

I can't wait until the sale is over. I like having garage sales, but not so much for the money, more for the cleaned out feeling it gives the house and the garage! Ahhh...

We are expecting to hear from the hiring company on Monday. The potential boss was too busy on Friday to call in references. Trying to remain calm while we wait. Hopefully this weekend we'll be celebrating Strawberry's 12th birthday, Mother's Day and Mr. Taffy's new job!

Mrs. Taffy

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