Sunday, May 30, 2010

A little more anniversary news...

Hope you're not getting tired of pictures of us. I know my mom will appreciate them, and my mother-in-law would especially, if she were still around. This is us this morning, just moments after the last blog post, right before we left for our date.

Mr. Taffy took me to a very special restaurant for brunch. It was the same place we went to 20 years ago for Prom. Oh, for goodness sake, why did I just admit that? Our prom was anything but normal. We basically had a "homeschool" prom, in that we didn't really participate in anything the school was offering except the ceremony where they introduce the couples. We had our own plans and the first stop was dinner at the Lake Elmo Inn.
I think it's a miracle that the place is still around. So many places have been going out of business.
This is the outside dining area. We ate inside though, it was steamy out!

There was a bit a salt and pepper theme throughout the restaurant. I would have taken pictures of the many beautiful cases of original salt and pepper shakers, but I was TOO EMBARRASSED!

Brunch was a buffet. I only have a picture of a my first plate. Everything was divine! I had ribs and mashed potatoes, too many decadent desserts to admit and a lovely cup of coffee. It was perfect!
I honestly couldn't remember anything about being there 20 years ago. Except the strawberry dipped in chocolate that they gave us for dessert. My best friend and I were talking about that for days afterward. YUM!
It's been such a wonderful day! I'm so thankful for such a loving and thoughtful husband! We've both come from broken homes, but are committed to defying the odds and making this marriage last--until death do we part! Before we married we declared, "the buck stops here!" Translation: This is a new family, with a new history (waiting to be written) and it won't be overshadowed by past mistakes and statistics! God loves a fresh start, a new tree. That's us.
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh cool! Tori has been very curious about were you guys went! Have a great day!

  2. That was lovely, and yes, I do appreciate the pictures and the news! How sweet of Mike to think of the place where you had your prom date! Twenty years goes by fast, doesn't it?

    Love you all!


    P.s. Sometimes I'm embarassed to take photos too, but not always! : ) In fact, some people I go with EXPECT it now and are shocked if I don't!

  3. Good for you! We will celebrate 14 years this December. My parents were divorced and his parents were separated when we married (thank God, they have had reconciliation). We, too, are determined to make our marriage last (and without the issues that led to the separation).

  4. How cool is that you got to go to the old prom spot....neato!

    Ok...I know I have so many of your posts to read and I can't at this very moment since I've been gone all day shopping for groceries and now I have some starving children, and lots of dishes that NO ONE did while I was gone. Yeah, this momma is not happy at the moment. But I am going to look at the brighter things in life than just the dirty dishes....

    Sorry to vent on your happy anniversary post. :) and I will come back tomorrow to do some more reading.

    kisses and hugs,


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