Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thrifty Friday Week 1

Okay! I'm a day late, but I have good excuses! Namely, celebrating Mr. Taffy's new job and Strawberry's 12th Birthday (post coming after cake!). Remember earlier how I mentioned that I shopped at my neighbors garage sale? Here's SOME of the clothes I got for Bubble Gum.

There are three outfits in this first picture. All for summer. All size 7.
There is one outfit in this picture and one pair of summer jammies. The yellow shorts and the blue top both need a coordinating piece to complete the outfit. I'll have fun looking for those next week!These clothes are for her to grown into. Three long sleeve shirts and two outfits.
I also bought her a Gymboree dress with a matching purse and a spring jacket. I didn't get pictures of those. She's wearing the jacket daily now and the dress is hanging up already. All those clothes: $24.00! I really feel like I got a great deal, especially since they are all nice brands that I couldn't afford otherwise!
And don't you worry, just because Mr. Taffy has a job, I'm not going waste his hard earned money at full-price stores. I'm looking forward to the challenge of buying clothing for our children and buying our gifts for the year at garage sales!
This is my first attempt at using Mr. Linky! If you want to show me what you got at garage sales or thrift stores this week, link up! I would love to see! Happy garage-saling!

Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Adorable! I'm proud to have such a thrifty shopper in the family!


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