Tuesday, May 4, 2010


That's a rather boring title, and this will probably be a rather boring post, but I still think I should post something, even if it's a bit dull. :o)

Yesterday was a fun day. We did some garage sale prep and then we had lunch with my YOM. That stands for "your-other-mom." My step-mom. She was in town for a couple days on business and to help her daughter with some wedding preparations. She wanted to see us too, so we picked her up and we went to lunch. It was great fun to visit and catch up. This morning we took her to the airport bright and early. I was up at 3:30. I love getting up when it's still dark out and it's especially fun going somewhere that early, feels like a road trip! We didn't have time to stop for coffee on the way, but my YOM gave us a little cash to get one on the way home-THANKS A MILLION!

Less than 24 hours to our garage sale. I think I'm ready. I have cash. I have everything priced and set up. I have easy lunches and dinners prepared. My neighbor is taking care of signs (thank you!). I think we are good to go!

May is my most favorite month. Here are a few things I have to look forward to this month:
~our garage sale
~Woodbury Garage Sales (city-wide garage sales in the suburb I graduated from high school in)
~Strawberry's 12th birthday
~Mother's Day
~Our 17th Wedding Anniversary
~Memorial Day BBQ
~All the parks and free attractions opening this month.
~BEAUTIFUL Washington-like weather

Hopefully I'll be able to add Mr. Taffy starting a new job to that list too. Yesterday he took the drug test, which is a good sign, but we still haven't received the final phone call and start date. Please Father.

Sometime this month I'm going to start my Thrifty Living posts again and share the things I've found at garage sales. Hopefully I can figure out how to use that Linky thing so you can share your good finds with us too!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Yay! for yard sales. We had one a few weeks ago and did pretty well. I will be praying for the success of yours. I can't wait to start doing thrifty living posts along with you. That will be a lot of fun. I can't agree with the waking up before dawn. That is just not my thing, LOL!

  2. May is a wonderful time! I also love June, July, and August! I am looking forward to some sunshine and deck-sitting weather!

  3. Not quite sure it's Beautiful weather right now... hopefully tomorrow though! lol

  4. I have to agree with you. I just love spring. All the new life springing forth always gives me hope. There are such beautiful flowers popping up everywhere after a long white winter. And there are of course....GARAGE SALES!! LOL Yipeeee!!


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