Saturday, May 22, 2010

A turtle named Frog

At least according to Laffy Taffy. But Blue-Raspberry claims his "real" name is Freddy, which also sounds rather frogish to me, so I think the title is still appropriate. :o) Our nieces found this beauty for us at the Lake by their house. It's a little bigger than the one we had last year, but looks basically the same.

Yeah, he's trying to get of 3 hours later, he hasn't been able to get out. Hope he grows to like his new home.
I sold books at a used-curriculum sale today. I would have been bored out of my mind if it hadn't been for my friend Melanie, who decided to sell stuff at the last minute. We had a great time talking and getting caught up. The reason I was bored is because the sale was just dead. Hardly anyone showed up! I did manage to sell a few things and buy a few things too.
Oh My...this was the most amazing thing about today! My friend Melanie found this picture for me at a thrift store! It's a beautiful Warren Kimble print in a wood frame! It's probably 4 feet long and foot to 14 inches high. It's perfect for my house! I just love it so much and feel so blessed by her kindness and thoughtfulness. Warren Kimble is my favorite artist, he always paints these folk art type of pictures. I'm going to hang it in the eat-in part of my kitchen. Thanks Melanie!

Tomorrow we are going to finish planting our garden. My sons finished the planter boxes, so we are ready to get it all done! Very exciting!
On the job front...Mr. Taffy has been shown much favor. He's only been there 8 days and they are already talking about hiring him permanently. I just don't even really know how to process this good news! It's just so wonderful and I'm just so thankful!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Love the Warren Kimble and the Turtle! Turtle's lair is great!

    So Happy for Mr. T's success! No surprise to us though is it?

    I am going directly to linky and try to do it...


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