Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chess, Berries and Paint

What do they have in common? Nothing really. These are just words that sum up that last few days here. I've been working on my family room. I had left one wall untouched when I painted a year ago. Mainly because of that HUGE book case, it's hard to move! Plus the shoe shelf thing pretty much covered the rest of the wall. But I had always had in mind to finish it, I just wanted to make sure we were staying before I put forth the effort. Well, clearly we are staying, so I went ahead and tackled that project.

This isn't the best picture, but it's all I have of the work in process. I used left over paint and left over wallpaper to complete this wall. You can see I am working my way down the back hallway too.
Here's the family room put back together. I moved that old (and falling apart) IKEA shoe shelf and coat rack out into the garage. It was too messy looking and crowded for me.
Here's the back hallway. This looks so much better! I have the flooring to cover that black stuff as well. Way back when we did our other floors we bought enough to do the back hallway and little bathroom. I'm dreading doing the bathroom, lots of weird cuts, but I think it will look really nice once that is done. I have one more time to cut in around the ceiling and I need to touch up my ceiling bumps, but otherwise the hallway is done. Oh, and I guess the back door needs one more coat of paint, but I ran out, so that will be a project for another day.
This is the last step in my decorating adventure. I'm using these pieces of molding-that I'm still painting-to use in place of that plastic stuff you can put on the corners to keep wallpaper from getting snagged when people walk by.
This is how it will look. It's so humid here, it stuck there long enough for me to get the picture!
Sunday night I got the bright idea of going strawberry picking. So I searched around the Internet a little bit and found a berry farm 15 minutes from our house. It was raining while we were picking, but we got three flats worth of berries picked in about 20 minutes! Team work!
Then I spent the rest of the day yesterday making strawberry jam! This year I used raw sugar instead of white. It set up well, but I think the color is just a little bit darker than it's been in year's past.
Putting the jam in the jelly cupboard.
Once, a while back, somebody accused me of being a "Suzy-homemaker." As if it was a bad thing...When my husband saw all I had accomplished yesterday he joked and said I was "really being a Suzy-homemaker!" I am so happy to be home. I'm happy to be busy doing the things that the Lord puts in front of me to do! I would be miserable anywhere else. So if I have to change my name to Suzy, in order to be home...well, so be it!


Mrs. Suzy Taffy


  1. Good job my friend! You have such a lovely home! I really like what I've seen from the photos. I imagine it is very rewarding to see the fruit of your labor and to be able to enjoy it!

  2. I love it Suzy! :)

    You have been a hardworkin Suzy...haven't ya!? Everything looks so nice and inviting and warm....you know that homey feeling. Love the pain job and wall paper. You are truly crafty...so all you need to do is fly down for a weekend and do my house. ha ha ha. I'll send my jet over to pick you up. ha ha..

    The strawberry jam looks so yummy. Which reminds me I need to do some berry picking down here. Blueberries are in now and I think we are entering into Strawberry season here. So I need to do my research of where to go. Yummy!

    ok gotta run and do some cleaning and I don't know maybe organize a closet.

    talk soon, xoxoxo


  3. Tirzah! Someday I'm hoping you can come to my home in real life! You and all your people! I'm still hoping you guys have some reason to come up here one of these days...then you'll HAVE to stay with us because it would be so cheap! And fun! :o) Please Lord?!

  4. I love it! It looks wonderfully warm and inviting. Can't wait to see it. I've been thinking about picking some strawberries too. But I have to wait till swim lessons are over so that I have the time to make jam. Yummy!! They look delicious!

  5. Dear Suzy,

    I have always loved the way you "make your home"...it is delightful to follow with you on your journey...as "Suzy Home-Maker"

    Nice job on the jam...thanks for the reminder that now is the time to do it if we are going to have jam!

    Happy Home Making My Friend!

  6. You really WERE busy, hahaha! So far I have only made bread this morning--4 loaves worth of dough is on the rise.

    See you on the crew!


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