Thursday, June 3, 2010

A day of work and play

Since I recently lost a friend due to a misunderstanding, I've come to realize how precious real friendships are. And in light of that revelation, I tried to think of a tangible way to really show one of my best friends how much I appreciate her friendship. I wanted her to know how I appreciate her being my friend through all the various moves we've made (she's never moved since we've met, and I've moved a dozen times!). She is what a I call a comfy friend. We've been friends so long that I'm completely comfortable with her, just like family. Those kinds of friendships are so precious and I'm so thankful. So, to get back to the show her my appreciation I volunteered to help her with her garage sale. She's lives about 40 minutes away from me and she has a LOT of stuff to sell!

Here's Banana Taffy manning the sale for us while we get the girls ready for a tea party. It was a double duty day-garage sale and birthday party all in one! Mmmm....
Before I show you the adorable pictures of the girls having fun, here's a picture a Laffy Taffy having meltdown. He's was up at 5 and by 1:30 he'd lost it.
Strawberry and the Birthday Girl! They are only a year a part, but Strawberry is very tall for her age and Birthday Girl, isn't. :o)
Freckles. See them? They are pretty new and adorable in my opinion!
Here they are, enjoying some tea and cookies. See the brother checking out the spread...I banned all boys from the deck! That's what started Laffy Taffy's meltdown!
We stayed until about 2:30 today. We'll go back tomorrow and stay all day, the husband's will be joining us after work so we can have some pizza and fun together! I did add a few things to her sale, but not much. I'm just trying to keep my garage sale fun loaded. :o) I got a few things at her sale that I will blog about tomorrow for my Garage Sale Treasures Post. Hope you can join in!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Fun! I remember a few meltdowns when we had tea parties at your house too. Boys do enjoy a tea party but they tend to get a little carried away...


  2. Bubble Gum Taffy is beautiful. The two photos you have of her ... in this post and the one on the left of your blog ... do such a fantastic job of capturing your gorgeous little girl.

  3. Looks like lots of fun. Both girls look beautiful too. :o) I have to admit, it's nice to be reminded that my little one isn't the only one with meltdowns! Somedays I watch other people's children being so well behaved, and then mine decides to throw a tantrum at the most inconvenient times! I can't wait until she's old enough to do tea parties. Seems like so much fun!


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