Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures

Remember I said that I was helping a friend have a garage sale this week? Oh the temptation to stop at sales on the way to her house...if I wasn't so annal about being on time I might have succumb! One of the benefits of helping someone with a garage sale, especially if that person is generous, is the fun things they GIVE you! Here's an example: This awesome fruit bowl.
After: I went to Costco this morning, for coffee and fruit!
She also gave me this amazing thingamajiggy. I'm using it as an end table in my sun room. There is nothing in the fruit box drawers yet, except a little dirt and cobwebs...I'll probably put magazines and catalogs in there, maybe card games too.
Banana Taffy had his first job interview this morning. He was a smart boy and scheduled it first thing, so after his interview (which went great) we drove around and found a few garage sales. I rarely ever go on Saturday. I'm on a hunt for a toy know how many toy kitchens have come through my house over the years? Now Laffy Taffy wants one and he can't stop talking about it. I keep getting very close to the finding the perfect kitchen, but it's always just a step out of reach, either by price, quality or time (someone else got it first). So that's why I went out this morning, to see if I could find a kitchen. I didn't find one, that I could afford anyway, but I did find some other fun things. Like these adorable fall pumpkins for $1.00.
These baby blocks. Don't ask me why I bought them. I just like collecting fun baby toys. You never know when someone might need them. $1.50.
Winter flag. .50
I also found some clothes for Blue-Raspberry and Bubble Gum Taffy. And a brand new doll stroller for $2.00, which has already disappeared into Bubble Gum's room. We found a reading lamp for Banana Taffy's bed for $1.00, now he can give me back my craft table lamp. :o) I'm sure I could have found some more treasures, but it started raining and my flip-flops malfunctioned-one of them totally fell apart! RUDE! It's just as well though, I have plenty to do around here since I've been gone for a couple days.

I hope you found some great deals this week as well! I would love to have you link up! And, it doesn't have to be "garage sale" only. I would love to read about any amazing deals you found weather at Target, a garage sale, a thrift sale, estate sale, dumpster diving escapade, or anything!

Blessings and joy,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I love seeing your garage sale finds! Very inspiring! Today's garage sale fell through, reset for next Saturday. Maybe I can find more things to go into it. some of the stuff I'm selling is stuff I bought not so long ago at a thrift store...hmmm...recycling at its best...

  2. Good luck to Banana!! I found some great Old Navy shirts for boys at a garage sale today for 25 cents each!

  3. Great finds. How do you budget for garage sales? Do you pull out a set amount weekly from your budget or monthly...if you don't mind me asking.


  4. Hi Chris! Of course I don't mind! It's only a funny question in that it's been so long since we've had a budget...when hubby was working in sales we NEVER knew how much money he was going to make each month, and with no income for 18 months we didn't really budget either. I keep asking hubby if he wants to make up a budget now, but he still says no. So we just have self-control, or try too. :o)

    But to answer your question...the money I'm currently spending on garage sales is the money I made when I had my garage sale. My "fund" is getting low though so I was glad to be able to sell some leftover stuff at my friend's garage sale, to replenish my fund. I think last summer I took out $20 a week, or just found change around the house. I do the majority of the clothing shopping for my children during garage sale season, so if we did have a budget the money would come out of clothing and gifts probably, since I buy a lot of Christmas gifts now as well.

    Hope that helps!


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