Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures

Are you ready for this? It was a great garage saling day! Some of my pictures aren't the best though...I accidentally smudged my lens and didn't have the time to properly clean it...sorry!

First up~Blue-Raspberry modeling his slider shoes. We've played with these at the Children's Museum before, today we found a pair for a buck! These will be great this winter when he's got too much energy! Also, he's modeling a new sweatshirt (today was really cold!) also $1.

(A little side note here...I'm painting the very last wall in my family room, which involved moving a VERY large book case, that explains the books piled up all over the place!)

Here's some more clothes I found for Blue-Raspberry. A pair of pajamas, pajama pants and a hoodie-$3.50 total.

A new purse for me! $1.00
Bubble Gum found this brand-new doll for $1.00. She proudly paid for it with her own money! You can never have too many babies, right?!

Normally I wouldn't buy a Mr. Potato Head, only because we've had many of these float through our house over the years. But this one garage sale had an amazing "potato station" set up. I don't know where they got all that stuff but they had laundry baskets full of bodies, and parts. And for a dollar, you could build-your-own-potatohead! It was great fun for Laffy Taffy! There's stuff on the inside too, like his"angry eyes!" lol

This by far was the best thing I found. I normally avoid garage sales in townhouse neighborhoods, but for whatever reason I felt compelled to cruise through this 55+ neighborhood and I found this treasure. A "vintage" fisher-price castle! You got to love the original little people! It's really magnificent with all the little accessories. I thought this was going to be WAY out of my price range, but the nice grandparents who were selling it, gave it to me for $3.00! Wow! This toy belonged to her 42 year old son!

I also found some practical things like a pair of capri's and another pair of pants for me. A sweater and t.shirt for Strawberry and a couple brand-new water bottles for the little ones.

I'm not an evening person. I am having trouble sitting her typing this. I have SO MUCH to do still but I just can't even really think clearly to do it! I do so much better at 5 in the morning. So I better sign off and send myself to bed so I can get up at the crack of dawn and complete my tasks here!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What great finds! Love the castle! You have so much more fun than just going to Target and buying stuff!

    Go to bed little one!

  2. I love your little bubble gum!! She is so so so cute and very pretty so is Tirzah they are very beatiful, and sweet, pretty, cute, and great sisters I Love your family!! U guys are really great!!


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