Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures

Today was probably the best garage sale experience I've had this season yet. I don't even have pictures of everything I got because I thought it would be overwhelming and slightly embarrassing. :o)
This first picture here is a pile of boy clothes. Most everything here is for Laffy Taffy. The shirts were anywhere from .50 to 1.00 each. Under that blue Hawaiian shirt is a brand new Old Navy Fleece top and Fleece Pants for the winter. The flip-flops were only a quarter. I would never have bought them for him otherwise. His chubby little feet look so adorable in them! One pair for now and one pair for later. Those brown shoes with the tag still on them are the most expensive thing in this pile-$2.00 hardly worn and they will perfect for fall!

A pile of girl clothes for Bubble Gum. Gymboree Underwear-.50 a pair. I have no problem buying underwear for my little ones at a garage sale! Especially nice underwear! The gloves were .50. There is a pair of jeans and a warm Gap Sweater and a pair of board shorts. I think they were $1.00 each.

This is just a bunch of misc. stuff I found. The books were .50 each. Those gloves will fit Blue-Raspberry, are Columbia and were only .75! What a deal! The pig was .50, the mixer .25, the puzzle and wooden baby bottles (both are Melissa & Doug) were dollar.

Oh be still my heart. Have I ever mentioned how much I love big plastic toys? My husband and my older children tease me about it mercilessly. How could I resist this Little Tykes washer and dryer? I paid $10.00 for it! And the great thing is, I KNOW that next spring, if my children are tired of it, I can get my $10.00 back by selling it at our garage sale! I know it's ridiculous! But it's so FUN!
Some things not pictured:

Clothes for Strawberry. I am so happy to have a 12 year old that loves getting clothes from garage sales! We found her a pair of shorts, a long skirt, a shirt, an adorable jean jacket and a exercise outfit, I spent less than $5.00! Awesome!

A little plastic (see, it's an obsession) picnic table! $3.00

A red checkered Antique Apron. .50

I have to stop now because I have the feeling you are all shaking your head at me! If you ever wanna go garage saling with me...I live in the best suburb!

Did you find a great deal this week? Maybe you plan to go garage saling this weekend? Share your finds and link up!


  1. Thats really cool you got a ton of awesome stuff for a great price! I had some garage sales in my neighborhood lately, and I found a director's chair and got it for $7. I have been enjoying it since. Thanks for posting!

  2. You allways to find GREAT things!

  3. You are the best shopper! How do you find all those practically new things at such low prices? You should write a book!!!

  4. I love seeing all your finds! You seem to get the coolest things! :o)

  5. WOW! What great finds. We haven't had much luck over here lately. I keep searching though for that "deal of the century!" LOL Glad you hit yours!!!

  6. You do live in the best suburb!! I am in awe of the Melissa & Doug wooden baby bottles, puzzles, and love the pig. I also have an obsession with big plastic toys. Please don't think anyone is shaking their heads at you. These are my favorite posts. :)

  7. If we are shaking our heads its only because we can't find the same kinds of deals. You are a great shopper and I LOVE to see the great deals you find. Around here I think all the good stuff is sold on Craigs list, garage sales haven't been that great. Keep up the good work! Love you. Auntie C.

  8. I have slowly broken myself of the big plastic toy obsession, but I have had that washer & drier on my wish list for a looong time. Great find!

  9. Oh Oh Oh....I love the washer and dryer set you got!

    Every time I read your post on garage sales...I think "i need to get out there".... As soon as the big kids big competition (civil air patrol...color guard) ends at the end of this month...I am going to do my garage sailing.

  10. If I ever get hubby to let me go GSing I hope I get some great finds like these! Thanks for visiting me on the blog walk and I love what you are doing with the room redecoration. Lovely!

  11. Be Still My that is wonderful! So if your children do get tired of it and you do want to sell it...sold! I'll even pay for the shipping...teee-heee

    So amazed at the MN garage sales...the Washington garage sales are not even worth it....ugh!

    Hugs to you - so glad you had a happy shopping day....


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