Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garden Update

My garden has been busy growing. It's been raining a lot, so everything is nice and green, but some of these plants like the heat better than the cool. So some plants are doing better than others.

Currants. Brussell Sprouts. These like the cool weather.
Potatoes! These are growing so fast! I started these from seed potatoes. They love our sandy soil and cool weather. Red are growing in the back box and purple in the front.
This is our neighbors kitty-Maggie. She likes our backyard and is keeping birds away from my berries! Thanks neighbors!
Strawberries. See some small ones in there?

Cucumbers. I think these would appreciate warmer weather.
I think only 5 out of 6 pumpkin seeds came up, they are doing ok.
New to our backyard-Honey bees. One of these hives will be relocating shortly. They are very mellow bees and didn't mind me being back there at all!
The hives were pretty quiet when I was out there. But here's one little bee returning home.
I would have liked to get down there and do some weeding, but our plans for the day were switched around. Banana Taffy actually started his job today, he works 3-8pm. So Mr. Taffy and I met our friends for lunch instead of dinner. It was so great to reconnect with old friends. You know how there are some people who you love so much, but never see, but when you do, it's just like no time went by? That's how it is with these people! Wonderful!
Mrs. Taffy
P.S. I will be starting a blog giveaway tomorrow! I'll be giving away a copy of "How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons."


  1. Your garden is beautiful! Where did you get that green thumb?

  2. Oh I simply LOVE the boxes and signs you have in your garden! My wheels are turning for our garden next year.


    The garden is beautiful!

    I love the kitty pic also and the bee...

    I hope Banana enjoyed his first day at the new job. that is always an exciting time. :)

    ((((hugs))) and I know what you mean about good friends.



  4. I thought I would send you some kisses and hugs your way for the awesome, sweet comment you left me. You are soo loving and kind and encouraging to me.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart...and all you said is so true.



  5. That is just about the cutest garden ever! Love your Strawberry Jam too!


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