Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Busy-ness

See all that wood? That's just some of the wood my boys have been collecting-for free, from Craig's List. This weekend they are splitting wood! So they rented a splitter off of Craig's List too! $30 for the whole weekend! Here the boys are getting a lesson. Look at how nicely it just splits the wood. The machine is really noisy and they've been working so long they are getting really tired, but this has been way easier than chopping it by hand! We are going to be so warm and toasty this winter! Thanks guys!
While they were splitting, this was going on inside the house:

Peaking out at Daddy.
Strawberry and Laffy Taffy.
My project for the morning was to weed and fertilize the garden. This picture is from the farthest point in my yard, to give you a little perspective of the size of my garden. The boxes are 4 feet by 8 feet. I'm standing on my little deck that is on the side of my house. Banana Taffy is on a mission to make our grass nice...when we moved in here it was all trees and dirt back there and slowly but surely the grass is filling in.
See the beehives? They weren't interested in me at all when I was down there weeding! I found a few dead bees while I was weeding. Bees work themselves to death! They are an amazing insect!

My little people had lunch on the little deck on their little table that I bought from the garage sales on Thursday! :o)

I also finished cutting in the hallway and painting and the corner molding. I want to get that project checked off. My goal for July is to get the kids homeschool planned for the year. I have lots of work to do down there! I'd still like to get the garage door painted before June is over, but the weather hasn't been cooperating at all!
Hope you're having a great Saturday too!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Ooo! How fun...not the wood cutting part though. That would be very hard.

  2. Busy as bees....just don't work yourselves to death.

    Hey, I really like your back yard. I was laughing a bit since my back yard is not anywhere as nice as yours. It can's just we haven't even bothered with it. Since hubby and the older two have been so busy and gone almost everyday for the past 6 months or more...not much time to give to those other things. Sooooon enough my dear, I will get the rest of the family back.... ahhhhhh....I can't wait. Next week is the competition in Oregon. I'll post a bit on this the next few days.

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow! You guys have been working so hard! But boy is it going to be nice this winter! Glad the guys could get some "help" with the splitter. And your back yard is looking really nice! That's a lot more grass than when you started. Everytime I look at it, it reminds me that I need to go strawberry picking and make jam with the girls!

  4. Everyone is getting so big...happy home, happy yard, happy bees, happy garden...happy family....

    Hugs to you from all of us....

  5. Oh my husband would LOVE your wood cutting machine! He uses an ax. I still love your garden. I'm still hoping I can convince my DH that ours needs to look like yours next year.

  6. Our Country Road- lol! I was thinking the garden would look really cute with a white picket fence around it and a entrance with a trellis with cucumber vines growing up it. If we lived in a area that could grow grapes-that would be even better. This is the first year I've really enjoyed the garden. Something is eating my watermelons though...that's a bummer. Everything else is doing really well! Happy gardening!

    Oh, one more thing...I'm thinking of painting some more pickets to make garage sale signs...wouldn't that be cute? My family smiled at me and then rolled their eyes! lol


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