Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Happenings

Today was perfect! The perfect summer day! I met some friends at the beach-12 children total! It was hot and we are all sunburned and exhausted! But it was so great. I almost didn't go this morning because there was a 40% chance of thunder storms all day. But when I got up this morning, the skies were clear. Having a big range of ages in my house, it's hard to find a activity that brings everyone joy. That's why I decided to go, to bring them all some joy! And you know what, it brought me joy too. It's so fun to sit with other mom's and encourage each other in the Lord! I met a "young" mom today too, who I hope to be able to encourage on her homeschool journey

Tomorrow we are running errands. I have stuff to return at Wal-Mart and Sam's. A watch to get fixed for Mr. Taffy, packages to mail and reading challenges to turn in.

Thursday, as you might know, is "garage sale" day. :o)

Friday I think I am going to take the kiddos to our free zoo, if it's not too hot.

I'm gearing up here to start planning our next homeschool year. My goal is to start in August. So I'm trying to pack in some fun stuff before I tuck myself away in our homeschool room for hours on end.

Hope you are enjoying the first official week of summer too!

Mrs. Science


  1. I'm glad you had such a gorgeous day today! We had a beautiful day too, the first in a long long time! It was 73 once while we were out. Very sunny and nice. (What is that blue stuff up there???)

  2. It sounds like our day that we had on Tuesday. We spent it at the pool. It was a perfectly wonderful day in every way! Hey, are you getting my blogs? I remember you mentioned before that you weren't so I thought I'd check 'cause I wasn't sure. No pressure or anything!!!

  3. Tirzah~ Are you blogging again? No! I'm not seeing them on my dashboard though it still shows me following your blog. I'll see if I can play around with that and fix it! Thanks for telling me! I LOVE to know what you are up too! :o)

  4. Hey girl,

    I've been thinking about you since you haven't visited in a few or at least haven't left a comment. Well I am so glad you are OK. :) I was actually wondering if you had said you were going out of town. I guess not. I will be gone till monday. I am hoping to sneak on my mom's computer while away. If not I have lots of catching up to do.

    You sound like you have a great plan this summer. I am going to be doing the same when the crew gets back. Fill up with lots of fun things this coming July.

    Chat soon,


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