Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back-to-School Supplies

Don’t you just love them? The only reason I enjoyed public school at all was because of back-to-school supplies! Well, when I was Senior I liked to go to school because my future husband was there! :o) Anyway, we were at Wal-mart yesterday and they had ALL their back-to-school stuff out!


This is what I go! Ridiculous prices! Notebooks .15 & .25. Glue & Crayons .25. Pencils, “power” erasers, calculators and pencil box- 1.00! It felt like a garage sale! We didn’t exactly NEED the crayons, but it’s so fun to start school with a new box of crayons. The green Pencil Box is for Laffy Taffy, he’s always getting into the other kids pencil boxes, so he’ll be very happy to have his own.

So are you wondering where I keep all this stuff? Let me show you!

That bottom drawer holds notebooks-it was empty!


These are the bins that hold the little stuff. Our glue bin was almost empty too. Lapbooking takes a lot of glue!


And this is the ugly closet where I keep our school supplies. It’s fairly awkward in there because of that beam that is holding up the family room. I am thankful for the beam, but it’s IN. THE. WAY.


This is where the crayons went and one of the pencil sharpeners. One crayon each for Blue-Raspberry, Bubble Gum and Laffy.


The calculator is for me. And it fits perfectly just were I was hoping it would. This is my file box where I file the kid’s tests and some reports.


Here’s what it looks like inside. It’s pretty empty right now since I just got done cleaning it out.


This is my desk, where I keep the file box and all my teacher books and stuff. That lovely basket on top of my file box has my scissors and white board markers and white out and other stuff like that. The pile of books on the right is for the older kid’s Medieval History.


That about sums it up! We have a start date of August 2, 2010. How’s your homeschool planning going? Are you starting in August or waiting until September?


Mrs. Taffy

P.S. You might have noticed my background is changed. Well, much to my dismay the website that I was using is having issues, so I had to change things for a while. Hopefully they will be able to resolve their problems so I can return to the background I had before. I wasn’t anywhere near tired of it!


  1. Hello,

    I like your blog and how you organize your family and homeschool. I wanted to e-mail you, but how :) So I write it here, that I like to read your blog.

  2. Oh Eszter! Thank you so much! You are so sweet! You can email me at if you want to talk about anything else!


  3. Thats cool! I just got my school supplies and am FIANALLY done! :D O and the only problem with your background is that I am having trouble seeing it on my computer.
    :( Still a cool post haha. :D

  4. Hi! I'm visiting from the TOS Blog Walk. I'm on the Older Crew for the first time this year.

    I love school supplies too! I was looking at the displays they are putting up at Target today.

    We have the same start-back-to-school date - August 2nd.


  5. I LOVE school supplies, I haven't started purchasing yet but getting excited to start. We start on Aug. 16th!

  6. There is NO BETTER smell than a new box of crayons...

    (Stopping by from TOS Blog Walk)

  7. I still have to buy a few things every year, even though my kids are all grown! Love the composition books (lined, graph, half and half....) the pens and pencils, the holders for the 3x5 cards, etc. etc. etc. After buying stuff for 30 years, its just not that easy to stop! You didn't get that kind of great deals back when you were in grade-school!

  8. New stationery!!! YAY!!

    I must say, I love the look of your new filebox. I haven't seen anything like that here, and I just KNOW I could use one. ☺

  9. Stopped by on the TOS Blog Walk. I am a school supply junkie but I have not started purchasing anything yet. I just noticed the stores were beginning to set up the Back to School displays. I am just not ready for summer vacation to be over yet.

  10. Thanks for the tour! You know I always love peeking into how people organize stuff. I know you would be... :)

    Not much of "homeschooling" has been on my mind. I am actually organizing and straightening stuff around my house, in hopes to start school sooner than later. I am aiming for beginning in early August.



  11. School!! :-(( :-)) I am excited to get started with school this year, but there is so much to do before then! With relocating to Phoenix on August 1, school will not be starting for us until September but I do love getting great deals on supplies. I am hoping to finish selecting and collecting curriculum in August. I love your post about how you organize for school at your house! Thank you!!


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