Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farmer’s Market

We went to our local Farmer’s Market this week.  It’s pretty small, but it still a wonderful-good place to be!

bread and veggies 006

Just look at all the lovely things we saw.

bread and veggies 009

bread and veggies 010 bread and veggies 007

bread and veggies 011bread and veggies 008 

It was about 100 degrees there…probably more like 94, but it sure felt steamy!  This is what we came home with:

bread and veggies 012

Spinach, parsley, golden and red beets (Bubble Gum’s all time favorite vegetable), cucumbers, radishes, basil and cauliflower.  The cukes were .50 each.  We are going to juice the spinach and parsley and some of the beets.  I’m going to make pesto pizza for dinner tomorrow night with the basil.  My house smells WAY GOOD!

Oh, I almost forgot…

bread and veggies 015

You have to buy flowers at the Farmer’s Market!  Where else can you get a gorgeous bouquet for $5.00?!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Oh your flowers are gorgeous!! I had no idea you could find flowers for that price at the Farmer's Market. Good to know!!

  2. OOOOO pretty flowers... I think I might have to make a trip over to the farmer's market and see if they have bouquets for $5

  3. Ah Yes, Pesto Pizza, thanks for the reminder! What do you do with your beets? I usually roast them and then slather with butter and garlic. I love the fresh stuff. I think our farmer's market is getting $$ though. no deals there!

  4. Just looking at all that yummy fresh food make me hungry! Red beets are a favourite here, too.

  5. The flowers are gorgeous! I LOVE flowers and other plants. I like studying them...:)
    Farmers markets are allot of fun too.

  6. Fun, fun! The flowers are lovely!

  7. Yumm, sounds good. That was a great deal on flowers. They look super fresh too. What a fun place to shop.

  8. I love Farmers' Markets - even if they are a tad on the expensive side. I love to stroll through them admiring the beautiful colors of God's creation and then, later, to enjoy the healthy, fresh and yummy produce. I just posted photos on my blog from our visit to Boulder's Farmers' Market on Saturday. I guess great minds think alike:-) Love to you my friend!


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