Sunday, July 4, 2010

Food, Fun, Friends & Free Stuff!

Today was such a great day! All but the weather…I really hate humidity and it was really humid all day! But other than that it was wonderful! The day started out with me making these:


The recipe to these beauties is found in The Pioneer Woman Cookbook! Oh yum! New family favorite!

Then I went outside to take some pictures of my handsome men doing this:


And this:


And this: That’s a baby bee coming out in the middle of those three capped combs. That’s one of the things he was looking for—babies and…


The Queen! She’s the big one there…


While I was out there taking pictures of this miracle of God’s Creation, we also discovered another miracle. A Micro Frog. There were dozens of these hoping all over the back yard!


Collecting them up and then….


Putting them in the turtle-less pond.


After all that excitement we headed out to Wisconsin to visit our friends and have a bbq with them. Here’s one of the interesting water towers we saw on the way.


See how the sky is just white. It felt like the inside of a greenhouse outside. YUCK!





You can see we were out in the country. It was so quiet…

Now here’s where the free stuff comes in. My friend is in her last year of homeschooling, she’s about to graduate her youngest daughter. And since she’s done, she let me look through her stuff and TAKE. WHAT. I. WANTED! Ahhh!


Dory- See that book, front and center? It’s Considering God’s Creation by Mortimer and Smith. It’s one of the books that Galloping the Globe recommends using! Did you buy one already? If you didn’t I want to send this to you! She also gave me the teacher edition, but I’m afraid I NEED that! :o)

She also gave me a box of maps and charts that I am going to bring to the beach on Tuesday and share with my homeschool friends. And…a whole encyclopedia set! All these years we’ve never had one, but I always wanted one because sometimes you just can’t get on-line to look at things! So thankful!

We aren’t going to go see fireworks tonight and we didn’t light a single firework. Not one! It just all pales in comparison to what we had going on with our Farmy-Friends in WA! Oh well…the day made it’s own new memories and sitting here in my air-conditioned house is the perfect ending to this great day!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Ok....those cookies look delicious! They must not be your cherry white chocolate chip ones. Those are truly the BEST!! And I'm so excited your bees are doing well. Yeah!! Glad you all had fun today. Looks like the weather wasn't too bad aside from being hot, muggy and "buggy!" lol And what a blessing to receive so much wonderful curriculum. That's GREAT! Love you lots!!

  2. Hey Mrs. Taffy,
    I am loving the Considering God's Creation you have there! We used it several years ago when mine were's awesome! HOPE you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by at Telln' It! and hope to see you on deck with the CREW!

  3. Hi! Visiting as part of the Crew - LOVE YOUR SITE! What wonderful pics and stories, etc. I'm sure to be back!

  4. Looks like your crew had an awesome day. Love your pictures. I need to take are inspiring me. Just stopping by on the blog walk. Blessings!

  5. Hi! Stopping by on a blog walk. What great pictures of your crew, and the cookies are making me want to run into the kitchen and bake right now!

  6. I have the Pioneer Woman Cookbook~ I will have to try making those cookies! I have to say I LOVE the background for your blog! And I LOVE all your photos! I am on the Crew this year also. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Oh, love the teapot...and we really miss you guys and agree that, even though we have created new memeories...we really miss making memories with you on the 4th! I think you are so thoughtful to think of me...however...I did order that book and am excited to use it! Wait...maybe I ordered the teacher edition thinking I could just use that...oh, that's what I thank you so much I'm excited to have a set now! You are a gem!
    P.S. - I didn't blog about our 4th as it just seems lonely with out you!
    Hugs my dear sister in the Lord!

  8. P.S. - I'm having a hard time seeing the cookie pictures? I can see the cool bees and others..but the cookies I can't pull up! I know they are good!

  9. Love the pics! Out for my blog walk, now you've got me craving some taffy...i like peppermint!

  10. Sounds like you had a great 4th! I'm jealous of the bees - we want to have some one day.

    April - the Crew

  11. Great pictures. Looks like lots of fun!

    Stopping by from the blog walk.

  12. Hi from the crew! Love your blog and pictures!

  13. wow...lots of comments CB aka Mrs. Taffy :)

    Been away so I had to skim through your blogs posts. Mostly looked at the pics than read. Sorry. I know when life is busy and things are taking place at home I have to surf the blogs fairly quickly.

    SO it look and sounds (yep, I did read this post) like life has been rather exciting. Bees, drive to wisconsin, missing old friends from WA... Oh and your garden looks amazing. BEAUTIFUL!! Lovely!

    I am trying to play catch up with posting on my blogs. we've had so many things... The holiday, my 15th wedding anniversary, Galen's 6th birthday, hmmm... I think there is more.

    I am feeling quite overwhelmed with things but that's ok... Sometimes things like this happen and then I have to just look deep within and see the Light the Lord is shining which at times, I can't see very bright.

    Well gotta run...

    xoxoxo Chris

  14. Nice garden! Love the teapot water tower. Looks like you had lots of fun.

  15. Mmmm...cookies. Stopping in from the Crew. Looks like you had a wonderful 4th of July!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Nice to "meet" a fellow crew mate! Love to know I'm not the only organized person around :-)

  17. Stopping by from the Crew. Love your blog ~ great pictures! My kids would love the bees and frogs!

  18. What a fun post - love the cookies, the garden, the bees... oh, and since I'm a homeschooling Mom, the free books! Happy 4th!

  19. Hi, on the TOS Blog walk and wanted to pop over and meet ya. Hope you have fun this year on the crew-and my, I have never seen a water tower that was adorable! :0)

    FM Sheri


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