Friday, July 2, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures


It wasn’t that great of a garage sale day for me. I think most people in my suburb are going out of town for the 3 day weekend! Lots of boats and campers in the driveways…

But I did find a couple cool things:

This lovely dress for Bubble Gum-$2.00

garage sale treasures 045

This is probably the best thing we found: a vacuum for Laffy Taffy. He saw a child size vacuum at a garage sale and then at Once Upon a Child, but I wouldn’t buy them for him because they were WAY over-priced. But then we found this little beauty. Actually HE found it and started pushing it around the driveway. When Strawberry asked how much, she were all thrilled and surprised to hear- .25! Sold-the little blond two year old! garage sale treasures 042

He hasn’t stopped playing with it yet! That middle section comes out and is like a dust-buster, remember those? It actually vacuums a tiny little bit! My floors are spotless! lol

Since I don’t have too many good deals to share, I’ll share another room in my house that is decorated Garage Sale style!

Our Family Room.

garage sale treasures 034

Both the shelf and the basket came from a garage sale. I painted the shelf (10.00?-might have been 8) last year, it’s been all over the place, but it makes a great DVD/Video shelf. And the Basket is a fairly new garage sale purchase-$4.00. It’s very sturdy with metal in the wicker around the top and bottom. I’m using it to hold our library books.garage sale treasures 035

This sofa table came from Goodwill actually. I bought it back in WA for $10.00! I was thrilled. I cleaned it up and used Briwax to make it shine and to darken it up a little bit. Also that Raggedy Anne doll came from a garage sale…I can’t remember how much though-that was a last year purchase. Now that I’m looking at the picture I can see the runner on that table is also from a garage sale! It’s navy blue with white stars-so cute!

garage sale treasures 040

This little cutie was .50.

garage sale treasures 037

Ahh…my art. I was never into hanging prints like this on the wall. Most of my life I’ve had quilts and photos hanging on the walls. These pictures are flanking our sliding glass door. Both by Warren Kimble, one of my favorite Folk Art artists. The top came from Goodwill in WA also and the bottom one cam from a local garage sale last summer for $3.00.garage sale treasures 039

I’m sure there’s more in there…probably 75% of our movie selection came from garage sales. One of the throw pillows on my couch came from a garage sale too!

What did you find this week?


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Once again you've left me inspired!! Thanks! I'm actually looking forward to finding some "treasures" for my home!

  2. OK....I just noticed. How did you crop the corner of your pics?? Very cute! Just like your scrapbooks!!!

  3. All your garage sailing has me on the look-out for a good sale out here in the country...well I found a sale but it was titled..."Barn Sale" - isn't that a hoot! We found some books...knew you'd be impressed with that find, a shirt for myself and a few silly items for the smaller three that waited patiently as mommy "shopped" - country style!...I think we spent a total of $ was a happy day!

    Happy Fourth of July!

  4. You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing the pictures!


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