Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures


Thursday morning we had to get oil  changes for both trucks.  And since that was an early morning affair, Mr. Taffy agreed to by my Garage Sale Chauffer.  There weren’t too many sales this morning, but I found a few things that made it worth the trip.  

First up is a some clothes for Laffy Taffy.  A pair of OshKosh Flannel lined overalls for .50, a pair of Gymboree shorts for .50 and a great pair of OshKosh shoes for $1.00.

celebration 024

Clothes for Strawberry and me.  I found two skirts each for $1.00 and the blue one there still has the tags on it!  The lime green hoodie is Strawberry's, she absolutely LOVES this color, I think it was $1.00.  That brown lacy top was .50.  What a deal!  

celebration 025

I was pretty excited to find one of the books used in Galloping the Globe for .50.  The book/puzzle combo boxes were $1.00 each (with all the pieces).  The chapter books were .15!  We actually got one other one but Strawberry has taken it, it was a Betsy Tacy book.  The math game was .50. 

celebration 022

That’s about it!  It was fun to be chauffeured around!  We were done by 10:45!


Mrs. Taffy

I would love to know what good deals you found at garage sales or thrift stores this week!  Wanna Link UP?


  1. I love garage sales! I can buy a whole new wardrobe for five dollars. :) My little sister loves the green color too!
    Great deals. :)
    Christ be with you,

  2. I love seeing your garage sale finds! It makes me want to go hit my thrift stores. I never find garage sales like yours!

    Have a great weekend!


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