Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!


We’ll be spending our day with some old friends…but we’ll be missing our dearest friends, who live to far away too celebrate with.  Today is a day of celebration and a day of sadness for us!

We miss you guys so much!

The 4th will never be the same…

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Happy 4th of July!! I hope you guys have a wonderful day today! Love you lots!!

  2. You guys have some fabulous memories that will always be with you! Your children will probably write about your amazing 4th of July experiences for their college application essays!

  3. To my Star-loving Friend and Family,

    We miss you guys so very much and will always associate the 4th of July with our dear Friends...the Taffy's! May your day be filled with lots of laughter and fun...we love you all more than words can say!
    Happy 4th of July to all the Taffy's from all the "Farmy's" - humph...maybe that's what our blog names should be - farm animals...tee-hee any suggestions?

  4. Followed a link from a friends blog who is doing the TOS blog walk.
    Happy Independence Day! from an Aussie Homeschooler.
    Loved the pics in the post above, especially the amazing Bee photos!! Just love those bee robbing get ups!


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