Friday, July 16, 2010

Update Friday

Phew! Busy week! I'll try to write a quick update to what we've been doing.

Monday-the older people went to an amusement park while I took the littlest two to the Children's Museum (see last post).

Tuesday-Gave hubby a haircut at the crack of dawn and ironed one of shirts to get him ready for an interview, then packed lunches and headed to the "beach." While I was there he surprised me by bringing me flowers and bringing everybody (16 people total) ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joe's. I guess he was really blessed by my help that morning. I should have done the hair cut and ironing on Monday, but you know that day was so full and by the end of the way! We ended that night watching silly game shows on TV and ordering Pizza.
Wednesday-I'm drawing a blank...which means it was probably a catch-up day here. Oh I remember! We went over to some friend's house, they are moving out of state and blessed us with a wonderful table and chairs for the deck and some toys and clothes for Laffy Taffy. They also gave us something else, but I can't tell you because I'm giving it away as a surprise...the recipient reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise! Wednesday was also miserably hot and humid. We were really thankful for our air-conditioner on this day!
Thursday- We were going to go garage saling, but instead we argued...I hate it when the day starts like that-Me and my big mouth! UGH! So we worked outside instead. Mr. Taffy built a huge wooden cage around the tomatoes. Those plants are as tall as me and loaded with flowers and little tomatoes! I also saw zucchini's down there (not quite big enough to pick) and flowers on my watermelon plants! All that orange tape is my attempt to stake the tomatoes without cutting into it's flesh. The plants have WAY outgrown the tomatoe cages I bought at Walmart. See how big my squash and watermelon plants are? I'm training them to go into the grass so they don'y choke out the other things growing down there! THEY ARE HUGE!

Mr. Taffy had interview #2 on Thursday evening. Hoping there is a third interview and then a job!

Friday-Today! I have been deep cleaning all morning! I scrubbed the top of my kitchen cabinets and dusted all the stuff up there. I did the same to the two china cabinets. I put a wallpaper border up in the kitchen too. I also ordered the last of the history books I need for the older kids, we found money we forgot we had. Don't you love it when that happens? Later on I'm taking the children to the Y to swim and play in the water features there. Tonight we are going to check out this Walmart family movie, probably have some popcorn too! Blue-Raspberry calls it "Family Fun Time!"

I guess that about sums it up! Hope you've had a great week too...less the arguing of course! Just keeping it real! :o)


Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a busy week. Your garden looks great!

  2. Great post! Busy week! We all argue, some of us just don't confess! : ) Here's hoping on the job front!


  3. Don't you love the busy weeks! :)
    The flowers are just beautiful!
    Funny that Blue Raspberry calls it "Family Fun Time"! That is what we call the time we do things together as a family just before or after family worship every night! :) Movie looks neat. :)
    God bless y'all!
    In Christ and for His glory alone,

  4. Sounds like a great week. Love the Garden. I can't wait to start one with the kids when we get our own place

  5. Your garden looks wonderful! Fresh garden tomatoes is the #1 reason I insisted on going home in the summer this time, seriously! They don't grow as well in England--not enough sunlight. Btw, thanks for your comment on my page--I responded to it there if you want to read it. : )

  6. Debbie-I just had a fresh tomato from my garden on a tuna sandwich. I'm finally convinced that fresh tomatoes from the garden are 100 times better than from the grocery store! It was amazing! I hope you get to eat lots and lots and lots while you are here!


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