Friday, August 6, 2010

Garage Sale Treasures


I managed to sneak in some garage sale time this afternoon. I did school with the children this morning and then I set myself to do some baking. We’ve been going through a lot of bread lately, so I actually baked bread twice this week! But Banana Taffy offered to hold down the fort while Strawberry and I checked out the sales for about an hour. So as soon as the bread came out of the oven and the little ones were down for their quiet time, we were out the door! The first sale we went to was a retired teacher sale! Oh what fun!

garage sale treasures 001

I spent $9.00 total at this sale. The hardcover books were .50 and the soft cover books were .25. Those little cups are a real great find. The whole set of them was .50. I’ll have fun using that with Laffy Taffy in Tot School. I’m saving that peg game for a stocking stuffer and the deck of cards (was wrapped) was .25. The most expensive thing I bought was this neat thing pictured down below. They are like linking cubes with letters on the outside. The letters come off and the cubes come apart. Looks like hands-on spelling to me. $3.00

garage sale treasures 002

Another cool deal I got this week came from Craig’s List. I had to get my hand’s on a TI-84 calculator. That’s a fancy graphing calculator that runs more than $100.00 at Wal-mart! Mr. Taffy found a guy selling one on Craig’s List for $40.00. Very happy about that deal! The big boys will be using that as a Math Elective and to help me with an upcoming product review! Sorry I don’t have a picture—the thing is like a mini computer with a USB port and everything!

Did you find anything wonderful this week? I’m on the look out for a winter jacket for Chocolate Taffy. I sorted through winter gear this week (yeah, it was in the 90’s but the inspiration struck so I went with it) and realized he doesn’t have a good jacket for the winter. The zipper broke on his nice one from last year, which was a hand-me-down so I don’t feel too badly about it. So now I’m on a mission to find him a winter jacket for less than $10.00. Should be possible, but I don’t want to sacrifice our homeschool schedule to find it! I’ll trust the Lord to help me with that one!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I am so jealous~I am baking cinnamon rolls and bread while cleaning the classroom and I do know that there are several yard sales going on and that is driving me crazy......Good job on scoring some books,I love it when I get school books and supplies really cheap.

  2. You really prove you can homeschool on a budget! Great finds!

  3. I don't know if there is such a thing in your area, but THE best findings for FREE are on freecycle. This is an onling email group in an area, where people post things they have to give away. If you see something yo like, you email them and all you have to do is go fetch the goodies. This is on a first-come-first-served basis, so you have to be quick. You can also post a 'wanted', as in - winter coat and list the size you need. Then when you have things lying around the house you can post them and see them get good homes. Warning: addicting stuff!
    Best of luck :)
    PS. I wrote down your recipes for broccoli cauliflower soup and blueberry muffins and will be making them next week - thanks!

  4. Thanks for the tip Alina! I'm going to check it out, or delegate it to #1 son who loves that kind of stuff! :o)

  5. The soup looks absolutely yummy. I'm sure my kidos would love the mashing part. Looks like you found some great additions to your library/school.

  6. Wow! Can you shop for me? I'm amazed at the things you find! I'm not very good at garage sells or thrift stores.

  7. Wow! Those are great finds! Anytime you find school stuff for next to nothing, it makes for a good day :o)

    Sadly no garage sale finds for us this weekend. We did a lot of working around the house and yard. I am hoping to be able to go out next week, I really need to find a small vintage desk to use for my laptop and writting.


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