Monday, August 9, 2010

Garden Update-August

I haven’t been out the in the garden much lately, it’s been too steamy and I’ve been busy with school starting.  So I made an effort to get out there this week.  I was pretty grumpy (for no particular reason) on Saturday and surprisingly working in the garden got me out of that funk!

So Saturday did some picking and some weeding.  This is what I found: 

Cucumbers!  There are tons more that are almost ready.

Garden August 015 Red Potatoes! This is about 1/3 of my box of Red Potatoes.  I checked on the purples ones today and they aren’t quite ready yet.

Garden August 016From my Salsa bed:  Tomatoes and Jalepenos

Garden August 017

I went out there again on Sunday morning to work on the herb garden before it got too hot.  Oh my I had sweat dripping off my chin…I don’t even sweat that much when we go to the Y!  The humiditiy was 90%!  Here’s what’s growing:

Green Peppers

garden august 014

Watermelon!  Yay!  I wasn’t sure these guys were going to make.  There are about 6 little melons growing out there.

garden august 013

Acorn squash.  Our squash plants do not like all this rain and humidity, we are dealing with powdery mildew which looks bad on the leaves but doesn’t seem to be affecting the fruit. august 011

Butternut-so cute!

garden august 009

Pumpkins!  I had to take off about 20 flowers from this plant, I want some fruit, not just flowers!garden august 008

Here’s a new angle of our herb garden.  Mr. Taffy made those round stepping stones for me out of one of the logs he had for firewood.  He cut them and Chocolate Taffy sanded them, then they put some water proofing stuff on them.  They are adorable!  So I worked on laying them out and weeding.  

garden august 005

I’m starting to think about how I want this to be next year.  I have room for many many more herbs and I’d like to put a bird bath in there.  This will giving me something fun to plan over the winter and be a little more purposeful in my herb starts next year.

 garden august 001

Didn’t focus quite right, but it’s our lilly.  Mr. Taffy bought that lilly just to make me smile.  Isn’t he sweet?  Our pond plants are really happy this year, we actually had to throw some out they were multiplying too quickly!

garden august 007

That about does it!  I’ve got plans to make salsa this month and hopefully blueberry jam.  I’ve got peaches ordered, I’m not sure if I’ll can them or make jam or just eat them outright.  :o)  Oh, there’s an Amish Recipe for Peach Long Cake that is just so easy and delicious—I’ll make that more than once and share the recipe too!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Your produce looks wonderful! I'm so glad that you get to enjoy the fruits of all your labor this year!!! Your garden is simply beautiful.

  2. Everything looks great. Love the stepping stones. Your pond plants look so pretty.

    You mentioned my grapes in your comment on my blog. The only reason I have them is because the previous owner planted them. I am pretty much clueless on the pruning and how to care for them. It is fun to learn, though!

  3. I love picking things, other than weeds lol, out of the garden! Your cucumbers are beautiful!
    You have a lovely garden. Great job on it.
    I love jalapeno flavored things and yours look wonderful.
    Christ be with you!

  4. I am not surprized at all at the beauty of your produce! Gorgeous pictures...I really like the one of the cucs in the fridge...very sweet!

    I also like your new "link" to Rubies...going to try and put it on mine that ministry.

    Happy Gardening...hugs to you and yours...

  5. What a beautiful herb garden... what herbs do you have?
    I'm thinking of doing an herb garden next year, this year we just did vegetables.
    Stopping by on the blog walk... a little late, but still made it ;)

  6. Welcome Amber! I have sage, rosemary, yarrow, chamomile, dill (it didn't do very well and I cut it back), tyme, parsley and cilantro. There's probably more but I can't recall at the moment. Herbs are fun because they are pretty and useful and relatively low maintenance. Thanks for stopping by! Lovely to meet you!

  7. Your harvest is really great! I like your watermelons they are really growing well and all of your veggies too. I just can’t wait for my next harvest to share it with you.

  8. What a big pumpkin you have. It will surely grow bigger for the next days. All of your veggies are really looking awesome. Your garden looks wonderful too. It is organized and clean.

  9. Your garden is really doing great as I can see on your photos. I love all of your veggies especially the watermelons. I also like the stepping stones. I will have that in my garden someday. Lol.


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