Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Birthday

I know this post has been long in coming.  I guess my main reason for procrastinating has been my lack of pictures.  Being the primary “photographer” in our house, being the center of attention, doesn’t allow for picture taking!  I did get a few pictures though, the rest will have to be explained in words!

My birthday started on Friday (though my actually birthday was Saturday).  My birthday doesn’t officially begin until I get a package from my mom.  :o)  You’ll see why!


She altered a coffee sleeve to act as a money holder!  So cute!


Look at all the fun stuff in there!  The card in front is from   my niece.  Two Warren Kimball pieces and two terrific books, plus the aforementioned money!  :o)  Thanks Mom!


On Saturday my children gave me a pile of gifts!  It’s different now having sons with an income, they are definitely more generous!  Some of the gifts I got included:  pot holders, cheese grater, cookies, chocolate, starbucks gift cards (yep, more than one!) and a tea pot!  I have this secret power, I think many moms do…to know what’s inside a gift before I open it!  I get much joy out of using my “powers” and impressing my children!  hahaha!

Saturday afternoon Mr. Taffy and I went out to lunch and test drove some 15 passenger vans.  :o)

Saturday evening we had fellowship at our friend’s house and it pretty much felt like a party with strawberry shortcake and more presents!

Sunday was the icing on the cake (that I didn’t have)!  Strawberry Taffy and I went and got makeover’s at Clinique!

makeovers 024

makeovers 005  

makeovers 032

makeovers 034

Oh, I almost forgot!  When Mr. Taffy asked me what I wanted for my birthday, guess what I said?  A new kitchen faucet!






It was a great birthday! 


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Wow! What a wonderful birthday! I love all the special things you got. You and your daughter look gorgeous! How fun! I am glad you had a great birthday! God bless you in the coming year!

  2. Looks like your birthday was AWESOME!! :)

    You both look beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!!! What a blessing with all those lovely gifts. I just love the faucet. So nice!

    Lots is going on over here and just waiting to post about our move. Yep...looks like we are moving. :( I'll give more details in posts to come.

    I'm doing good though....looking at this whole thing as a journey!

    Chris xoxo

  3. Happy birthday (mine was on Sunday!)!!! Looks like you had a great one! cake?! You're one strong woman!! ;)

  4. If I'd known, I'd have sent you a cake too! : )

    Lovely birthday, lovely ladies!

  5. What a lovely birthday! Starwberry was right. You both looked lovely with all your makeup on.

  6. Kalani-Happy Birthday to YOU!

    Mom-I could have had a cake if I wanted too...I wouldn't let them get me one! Mike would have bought a Costco cake and I just couldn't deal with it! lol

    Thanks everybody! Just so you 12 year old daughter does NOT wear make-up on a regular basis! This was just for fun...she couldn't wait to wash it off! :o)

  7. Ok so regarding LOST....ha ha.. you gotta watch it from the beginning otherwise you get somewhat pun intended. ha ha.

  8. Happy, happy birthday Mrs. B! Looks like you had a great day. :) And the make up looks like fun.
    Woo hoo! I love new kitchen appliances! They are so much fun. :) It looks great.
    Christ be with you always,

  9. Sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend. The makeovers looked beautiful and fun! Love the new kitchen faucet. Did Mike pick it out on his own or did he get your input first? Either way, it looks great!

  10. Oh how fun! Happy Belated birthday!!! I'm so glad you got to enjoy family, received a package from your mom and a new faucet that looks amazing. What a great weekend and a happy birthday. Praying for a wonderfully blessed year ahead.


  11. You are blessed! What a wonderful birthday celebration!


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